CSS_VILLAGE Orgatec 2022

CSS_VILLAGE Orgatec 2022


On occasion of Orgatec 2022, the international biennial trade fair held in Cologne from 25 to 29 October, Citterio launches CSS_VILLAGE: a comprehensive and modular system of self-supporting micro-architectures where space and function come together and become one, giving rise to welcoming and inviting shared workspaces.

The concept of the booth was entrusted to the brand’s art directors, Marco Maturo and Alessio Roscini from Studio Klass.

“Just like a proper city, Citterio’s new system rises across a surface area of 690 square metres. The layout of the modules mirrors the typical development of an urban compound, ending in the main square, which becomes the hub of the setting. Visitors are encouraged to stop here, look around, find out more or work. The entire space has been designed to be dynamic and engaging, offering a genuine experience of how CSS_VILLAGE can drive the creation of new places of exchange in the workplace”.

Marco Maturo

“The urban feel of the space can also be experienced around the perimeter of the booth. Self-supporting pillars and windows bring to mind the conceptual section of a building overlooking ever-different natural panoramas, recalling the concept of sustainability underpinning the brand. From the outside, the influx of people is stimulated by a video installation showing an unprecedented and significant display of the system, at all 4 poles”.

Alessio Roscini

CSS_VILLAGE: a system of acoustic boxes which thanks to the multitude of possible configurations, offer outstanding levels of flexibility and acoustic well-being for meetings or individual work.
Designed by Paolo Pampanoni e Pinuccio Borgonovo


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