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Molteni&C's designer sideboards are rooted in traditional craftsmanship yet give a touch of innovation and experimentation. Shapes, fits, and transitions of materials harmoniously combine in perfection and meticulous detail. Molteni&C's cabinet designs can be placed in different environments, both into the living and sleeping areas. The collection’s modern sideboards can also be incorporated in the study or kitchen. In addition to practical functionality, the cabinets boast shapes in which memory and an open and inclusive attitude coexist.

Dante Bonuccelli's Horizons glass cabinet transforms "chameleon-like" thanks to two swinging doors that, when closed, reveal the contents thanks to glass and interior LED lighting. 


The Touch Down Unit is an innovative workstation designed by Studio Klass for cutting-edge work environments. The system was conceived as an intimate and personal workstation where one can store one's tools to carry out a certain type of activity, from writing an email to consulting one's agenda. Nicola Gallizia is the author of 505 UP Sideboard, the natural evolution of 505 UP, attentive to the needs of contemporary living. The 505 UP Sideboard is a modern cabinet with the capacity to shift into varied configurations.


Among Vincent Van Duysen's designs is the Living Box, one of the most elegant sideboard designs: a rectangular, low, large storage unit with no doors. The materials used, including marble, essences, iris, and pewter, make it a unique piece of furniture. Modern hanging display cabinets include the Pass-Word Evolution project. Adrien, the low display cabinet that represents a harmonious combination of purity of form, exclusive materials, and technology. Among the modern sideboard cabinets bearing the signature of Vincent Van Duysen is Quinten. The finishes, copper or pewter, show the attention to individual details for trays and accessories.


Archway is by Rodolfo Dordoni, one of the leading figures to join Molteni&C in exploring the world of design. The top is customizable in marble or wood. The exterior is embellished with a glossy lacquer finish. The design distinguishes itself among the designer sideboards as having the most minimalist yet contemporary look.


Ron Gilad is the creator of 45°/Vetrina, one of the most emblematic showcase cabinets. Thanks to the use of a metal joint on which aluminum profiles are hooked, its tops are rotated and beveled. Ron Gilad revolutionizes the concept of a chest of drawers by signing Teorema, composed of elements arranged offset from the central axis. Carteggio is Aldo Rossi's design, a secretary cabinet with drawers and pull-out shelves protected by a sliding shutter. The re-edition of the famous Piroscafo, in collaboration with Luca Meda, has a lacquered facade in a warm spice color with a eucalyptus interior. Among designer display cases, it maintains its role as a rigorous yet functional piece of furniture. 


Werner Blaser's MHC.1 is available in two new, unnumbered versions in the unusual finishes of honey-stained wood and black-stained ash. MHC.2, created by Yasuhiko Itoh, is perhaps one of the finest modern-design sideboards. Crafted in bentwood, it is now available in a limited series in walnut-covered bentwood. 


D.655.1 D.655.2 by Gio Ponti is a designer sideboard supported by satin-finished brass feet. The drawer fronts are hand-painted white with applied handles of various woods (elm, national walnut, mahogany, and rosewood).


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