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In an age when the concept of home is increasingly merging with that of the office, the design of well-appointed home offices is of paramount importance. With an increased need for a space dedicated to creativity and concentration, the choice of a functional yet attractive workspace becomes essential. Molteni&C offers studio and home office solutions capable of meeting every need. Molteni&C's home office furniture combines contemporary aesthetics with craftsmanship, creating work environments that stand out for their elegance, functionality, and refined details. Discover Molteni&C's creations for dedicated work spaces below.


n the world of contemporary workspaces, Molteni&C presents a wide range of solutions where aesthetics and functionality come together harmoniously. Among these proposals, we find the NOTE project. The modern home office conceived by Andrea Nunziati is characterized by a contemporary and essential style. The writing surface, positioned asymmetrically to the structure, features trays carved directly into the surface itself, some of which are covered in leather. The legs, the result of complex three-dimensional woodworking, give a touch of balance and elegance to the home office design as a whole.


Another interesting proposal is the Touch Down Unit by Studio Klass, now part of the Molteni&C collection. This innovative home office desk offers an intimate and personal space, ideal for storing work tools and personal items. Its versatility allows it to be adapted to all kinds of activities, creating an environment tailored to each individual.


Gio Ponti's D.847.1 console table comes back to life thanks to the Heritage Collection reissue project by Molteni&C, in collaboration with the Gio Ponti Archives. Modern home office furniture designed by Gio Ponti can combine contemporary trends with tradition, creating an inimitable design. This masterpiece, born more than 70 years ago, is faithfully reproduced, highlighting the fine craftsmanship of solid wood. The top with curved ends mimics the form of an airplane wing. The drawer underneath, with a rounded front, is a distinctive innovation that is found in many Ponti productions of later years.


Solutions for modern home studio furniture include Jean Nouvel's Less Less tables, originally designed for the Fondation Cartier in Paris. Their extreme elegance and lightness fit perfectly into any setting. The aluminum frame, playing with edges and folds, offers a sophisticated, contemporary design.


The writing-top support element of Scriba, a home study desk with crisp, light lines designed by Patricia Urquiola, is characterized by the lightness of the perforated top support element. A practical side drawer, a lacquered sheet metal bookend support, and a leather side pocket complete this home office design that is both refined and functional.


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