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Bookcases and shelves are essential components of any space, given the aesthetic and functional value they can bring to a room. Designer bookcases not only have the function of holding books and objects, but also help define the overall atmosphere of an area. A well-designed modern bookcase can add depth and color while creating a sense of warmth and comfort. From a practical standpoint, wall bookcases serve to organize and display belongings, making them easier to access. They can be used to display artwork and other personal items, giving a unique touch of character to the room. An equipped bookcase can distinguish between living areas dedicated to relaxation and those dedicated to “smart working,” while modern wall-mounted bookshelves can define the style of a living room with discreet elegance. Uncover the range of Molteni&C bookcases below.

Nicola Galizia's “505 UP” project is a classic Molteni&C offering in the field of modular bookcases for living rooms. Among the dynamic elements is Harry's bar, a design that updates the traditional concept of the mobile bar cabinet. “505 UP” moves away from the classic bookcase functions, expanding its performance with the introduction of Display: a new extended storage unit with exceptional originality that allows you to move the grid of horizontal and vertical shelves with maximum compositional and stylistic versatility, for a design-oriented wall.


With the “Hector” project, Vincent Van Duysen enters the world of upright modular bookcases, which allow for aerial compositions of any length and height. This is due to the interchangeable elements that compose it and take advantage of the space between the floor and ceiling or wall. Thanks to its great versatility, “Hector” can be placed in any room in any way: along the wall as an accent piece or in the center as a dividing element. The swiveling TV stand and shelves for laptops or tablets make it ideal for creating two separate areas, distinguishing between “smart working” and relaxation. The supporting element and the heart of the whole system is the solid wooden or extruded aluminum painted tray-like shelves. Able to extend to a height of 315 cm, Hector is a versatile and innovative day and night system. The various possible combinations give rise to compositions that vary in terms of visual impact and pleasant forms.


Another bookshelf design by Vincent Van Duysen is “Grid”: a folding panel system equipped, on request, with LED lighting bars inserted in the central band and in the upper part. “Grid” is a wall bookshelf design tailored to accommodate the latest electronic devices and technological equipment related to sound and images that enhance the perception of space. “Grid” reflects a new research chapter on the evolution of domestic space, achieving a flexible open system based on a modular grid that organizes the elements of the composition while improving their function.


Graduate,” by Jean Nouvel, is a virtuosic hanging bookcase that redefines the concept of lightness. Its secret lies in the thick upper shelf, which, attached to the wall or ceiling, allows the weight to be distributed evenly along the entire surface of the bookcase thanks to a system of tie rods. 


The “Pass-Wordliving room bookcase, designed by Dante Bonuccelli, is created for contemporary homes that combine the presence of the more traditional elements – books and other decor – with more modern entertainment and home office functions. 


Foster + Partners, one of the world's most innovative architecture and integrated design firms, created “AVA.” Its characteristics are distinguished by innovative technological materials and structural shelves composed of plywood panels, reinforced with aluminum and then folded. The addition of a structural composite material profile, obtained via a process of extrusion by traction, allows for maximum load resistance. 


A timeless product from Molteni&C's Gio Ponti collection is the “D.357.1 D.357.2designer bookcase, produced based on the master's original drawings (1956-1957). Gio Ponti created this bookcase for his Milanese home on Via Dezza; made of molded plywood with elm veneer, it is available with or without a mirror.Add a vital finishing tough to your room with one of our sofas: ensuring you have everything you need to compose your living space.


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