The living room is the most frequented room within a home, and the sofa is its defining element. The essence of hospitality and the epitome of rest, it sets the mood of the living area. The style of a room is reflected in a sofa’s design and the surrounding pieces, determining the atmosphere it wants to communicate to guests. The right choice is crucial. A modern sofa to meet an eclectic spirit, a designer sofa to capture an artistic soul, or an elegant sectional sofa that tells the personality of its owner. Discover the complete selection of Molteni&C sofas below to find the right one for your home.

Vincent Van Duysen's style is for those seeking the perfect balance between a relaxed environment and a traditional design. Cleo is a modular sofa consisting of various elements – linear rectilinear corner and island – allowing the versatile model to suit to any type of room. Marteen is both multifunctional seating and a storage system, alternating between wood or lacquered units and fabric leather to satisfy the most dynamic living spaces. Octave is a modular designer sofa with rigorous and essential forms. The presence of innovative leather trays for resting objects, including tablets or laptops, makes it a perfect sofa for working. Albert is characterized by its adaptability to any space due to its extreme modularity. The Paul project offers linear sofas with angular compositions, chaise longues, and islands that are distinguished by their elegant yet welcoming style. The Lucas structure is distinguished by its sophisticated design, with clear Art Deco influences and exquisite tailoring details.


Yabu Pushelberg's style has made the exploration of organic forms and curvy lines its hallmark. Surf combines modern ergonomic technology – which makes use of differentiated polyurethane foams that can fit any body perfectly – with a unique, sectional sofa that can create compositions to suit any space. The Surf line also includes an elegant “dumb waiter” table; to learn more, visit the Molteni&C coffee table page. 


Then there's Sloane: modular and extremely versatile sofas, with seat cushions in polyurethane at different densities for maximum comfort. Its appearance is distinguished by its soft shapes and sinuous style, adaptable to any space.


Hannes Wettstein combines the search for comfort with a style that is both formal and refined, and finds in Turner one of its highest expressions. Comfort, flexibility, and adaptability to any space are the distinguishing features of this multifaceted collection. Lido creates a space suspended in time to be enhanced with a rug with an essential cut.


Studio Wettstein has dedicated itself to the search for a design that is elegant without seeming rigorous, fascinating without being intimidating. It is captured within the strong personality and bold lines of the cushions of the Reversi '14 model. The same style can be found in the large, modern sofas of the Reversi XL design-which, as the name suggests, offers a deeper seat compared to the other.

Rodolfo Dordoni gives his designer sofas a refined, enveloping touch, which also extends to the chairs and armchairs. Made with wide goose-down cushions, polished comfort characterizes the Chelsea line. The design of South Kensington's two- and three-seater sofas is quite different. Its avant-garde style almost seems to recall that of 1960s furniture elements, or the round, soft, futuristic design of “2001: A Space Odyssey”-without, of course, forgetting a contemporary touch.


The soft and enveloping leather sofas of Ferruccio Laviani's Holiday line tell a new way of living: comfortable yet elegant with a marked lightness of materials are composed within the corner sofas and linear seating. Maximum modularity is also guaranteed within the Freestyle line-which, as the name suggests, promises absolute freedom of movement to adapt to any space: from the three-seater sofa to the island with opposing seats.  


Breeze, by Matteo Nunziati, offers sofas with an essential and minimalist design, devoid of any superfluous detail. “Breeze”: a breath of fresh air with an enchanting, light, and surprisingly balanced style. Jean Nouvel explores an original and decisive design with SKIN, basing every element of his modern furniture on a sculptural, innovative style that can make every living room an art gallery.


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