Contemporary rugs are decorative elements capable of enriching any room with their distinctive style and design, transforming them into refined, elegant spaces. Carpets create a more intimate and cozy atmosphere, adding a touch of personality and originality to any room. The ability of carpets to absorb sound and reduce echo within spaces makes them particularly useful in larger rooms, helping to improve the overall acoustics of interiors. Contemporary carpets can also be used to create distinct zones within open-plan spaces, giving a sense of organization. Molteni&C rug designs are works of textile art, for they are the result of collaborations between designers and artisans. Many contemporary designer rug collections focus on sustainability, using eco-friendly materials and innovative, environmentally friendly production techniques. 

Dedalo, a stylish rug with a refined design by Marta Ferri, stands out for its rigorous geometry and sophisticated colors. The design represents a successful collaboration with the prestigious Maison Pierre Frey. Thanks to the combination of soft wool and strong, elastic tencel fiber, and a sustainable plant yarn from responsibly managed forests, Dedalo offers unparalleled, versatile durability. The Corba rug is distinguished by a figurative design that plays harmoniously with geometric lines, expressing boundless creativity and elegance. Made of 100 percent tencel, this contemporary rug represents a design of the highest quality. Marta Ferri also signs the design of the Telaro rug, which, on the other hand, is proposed with a geometric and linear pattern structure: a succession of spaces of different sizes and orientations that thus define a contrasting grid. The woven surface is made of semi-combed wool and is characterized by an original play of reliefs, obtained by a skillful craftsmanship technique. The Vibrations project stems from the idea of continuous change that is expressed with a visual and tactile optical play within the thicknesses and textures on different levels.

After Marta Ferri’s designs are designer rugs signed by Nicola Gallizia. Nicola Gallizia's signature carpet collection offers a variety of elegant and contemporary creations. Aura, produced in Italy and made in the Kathmandu Valley in Nepal, features an interesting luminous and opaque effect due to the contrast between the vegetable silk and wool. Duna, inspired by the shapes of desert dunes, is made of wool and bamboo woven to create the effect of sand furrows. Edge is an elegant, refined modern rug design, distinguished by its innovative use of wool and linen, which give the surface a unique softness and luminosity. The Palette collection, which always bears the signature of Nicola Gallizia, is based on the harmony of materials and colors that create a soft, enveloping effect that enriches the space.


Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola signs three collections of contemporary rugs: Hem by G.T. Design, Loop&Cut by G.T. Design, and Random by Altai. In the first case, the rug returns to its former function as an "island"-a place to find oneself and forget about life outside the home. It is the result of the encounter between the highest Western creativity and Asian craftsmanship. The personality and originality of Loop&Cut derive from the finishing element of the border, which is borrowed from the techniques used in knitwear and, in particular, the rib knitting of pullover cuffs. A creative interpretation by the Spanish designer, the rug maintains the refined sobriety and elegance that the Molteni&C represents. Random by Altai is inspired by the charm of the antique rug, with its distinct individuality and lived-in look. This inspiration is expressed through an original enhancement of the rug's texture, created through an innovative hand-working technique.


D.754.1, designed by Gio Ponti, was originally created in 1954 and now enriches the Gio Ponti Collection. It is made of pony leather in multiple colors: white, black, brown, and beige. This modern living room rug integrates harmoniously into the concept of the contemporary home, creating a dynamic and timeless environment.


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