A bed should be practical, comfortable, and beautiful to look at. It is a fundamental element for high-quality sleep, but it can also be a key design component to enrich the style of a bedroom and add a touch of class to the space. You spend almost a third of your life in bed; the best thing to do is to choose it carefully. Explore our contemporary-design beds from the Molteni&C catalog below.

Molteni&C expands its range of designer beds with a sophisticated and elegant addition by Rodolfo Dordoni. Aldgate is an Italian bed designed as an island dedicated to rest and relaxation. The Aldgate model features carefully studied details with soft, enveloping lines for a delicate finish. It is a piece of furniture crafted to be totally autonomous and self-sufficient, capable of integrating with any type of bedroom furniture.


The Azul project is a synthesis of Nicola Gallizia's stylistic ability and Molteni&C's aptitude for experimentation. The Azul bed’s modern design shows carefully studied details with delicate but sharp lines. The striking aesthetic balance comes from the reduction of any superfluous elements and the proportionate construction of the individual components. The bed top is available in two heights. For those looking for modern beds with storage, know that you will also have the option of adding one underneath. 


Ribbon, by Vincent Van Duysen, is a textile double bed design with luxuriously soft characteristics combined with a youthful, modern style using natural materials. The sturdy, minimalist materials are typical of Vincent Van Duysen's style and also reach a perfect synthesis in the Anton collection. With delicate but sharp lines for a harmonious aesthetic balance, the modern design bed features legs in a pewter finish and fully removable covers from the Molteni&C fabric and leather range. Anton can be combined with a bench with finishes of the same structure and type of upholstery.


Rodolfo Dordoni’s signature wooden double bed design, Fulham, stands out with the enveloping headboard in fabric or leather, allowing you to create a comfortable environment for total relaxation. The model can be enhanced by placing a bench at the foot of the bed. Honey, by Arik Levy, is a textile bed with understated lines. It features a comfortable, soft headboard and tailored upholstery work. 


Hannes Wettstein's collection offers High-Wave, an upholstered contemporary double bed with a classic shape and measured proportions. It is characterized by its version with a mechanism that allows the inner headboard to tilt to provide modular support.


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