Creative director Vincent Van Duysen coordinated the creation of the extensive collections that mark Molteni&C's major debut in outdoor furniture. The Landmark Collection’s sofa pays tribute to the unprecedented design of Palinfrasca by renowned designer Luca Meda. Vincent Van Duysen's Timeout Collection, meanwhile, includes a wide range of elegant outdoor elements inspired by the soft forms of modernist architecture. The Heritage Collection features two Gio Ponti armchairs. Rounding out the offering is the rug collection, which ranges from work by Van Duysen himself to designers Nicola Gallizia and Marta Ferri. And finally, two iconic stand-alone pieces by Foster + Partners and Ron Gilad, which perfectly complement the collection as a whole.

The iconic shape of the Palinfrasca sofa pays homage to Luca Meda's 1994 work, interpreting the teak essence in a unique and modern way. The sofa from the Phoenix Collection features a minimal, contemporary aesthetic that incorporates elements of the Mediterranean tradition. 


Among the armchairs, those in the Landmark outdoor furniture collection stand out thanks to the curved, enveloping lines of the solid teak frame in a woven pattern. The iconic armchair from the D.154.2 collection, on the other hand, is emblematic of Gio Ponti's style. Made in an outdoor version based on the 1954 model for the Planchart collectors' villa in Caracas, this armchair combines respect for the precious original design with the use of innovative and durable materials. From its collaboration with the Gio Ponti Archives and the heirs of the renowned Milanese architect, Molteni&C has also faithfully reconstructed one of the rare pieces of furniture Gio Ponti designed for outdoor use: the D.150.5 chaise longue, originally created for the Andrea Doria cruise ship in 1952.


The contemporary poufs of the Timeout outdoor furniture collection feature a woven texture and are available in two sizes. Similar harmonious lines can be found in the Landmark Collection pouf, distinguished by the solid teak frame that characterizes the collection and further enhanced by a polyurethane cushion.


The Timeout Collection's low table is available in two widths to allow outdoor spaces to be experienced in intimate or welcoming ways. The versatile Regent side tables designed by Vincent Van Duysen have three top shapes: round, oval, and square. Within the Iconic Pieces Collection, Foster + Partners' Arc sculpture table enters the outdoor offering with an all-cement finish for a modern table to complement contemporary outdoor spaces.


Chairs are an essential element of outdoor furniture, and the Timeout Collection offers a wide range of seating, including a table chair with a slim profile. The practical, lightweight, and easily movable towel or magazine baskets are designed to embellish outdoor spaces in a way that is both practical and functional. The Palma, Hedera and Musco rugs (by Nicola Galizia, Vincent Van Duysen and Marta Ferri, respectively) complete the outdoor furniture collection by Molteni&C.


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