Among the Timeout Collection, it is the element that most explicitly expresses the contrast between the minimalist and contemporary aesthetics of the structure, formed by the continuous running of the burnished painted aluminium band, and the more traditional motif of the upholstery, created with a handmade weave of polypropylene rope.

In the bench, the rounded profile of the band at the horizontal crosspiece is also particularly noteworthy. This detail is designed to maximise seating comfort, but also to enhance the image of softness and lightness of the metal structure. The Golden Gate bench is available in three variants: anthracite, olive green and desert yellow. In addition to the bench, the range includes a large array of products, such as the sofa, the dining table with seats, the stool, the comfortable sunbed and side tables.


Vincent Van Duysen


Vincent Van Duysen


Vincent Van Duysen

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