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Step into a gentle atmosphere in which your space is elegantly illuminated. For the 2024 Gliss Master, Molteni&C shifts focus from the innovative blended hinge of the 2023 Linear and Blend doors to the beauty of lighting.

Integrated and synchronized with each door, drawer and accessory, LED lights are positioned on the upper part of each storage space and cleverly veiled by a micro-slit filter. Our lighting technology now exists from within the architecture, bearing no glare from direct light to the outside, yet brilliantly highlighting the wardrobe, accessories, and jewelry, alike.

The Gliss Master wardrobe system, the pride of the Molteni&C Night Collection, has been given a new look and feel.

Soft Line Accessories surpasses the concept of a solid element to propose a system of soft ecoskin containers. Bags of all sizes hang from structures with sliding aluminium racks, which guarantee perfect accessibility. They thus take their shape from the contents: shirt bags, underclothes bags, accessories such as belts, handbags and shoes, just like the traditional trouser or skirt holders and the pull-out shelves.

The exclusive frame structure of the Gliss Master has been embellished with an elegant ecoskin covering that profiles the front of the frames and shelves, warming up the metallic rigour of pewter and bronze. The ecoskin range is enriched with three new finishes in warm, contemporary colours, to create furnishing solutions for sophisticated customers who pay attention to fine details.

New internal accessories

The sophisticated pull-out shirt rack, pull-out drawers and trays, shoe racks, accessories such as the tie rack, “eco skin” jewellery case and the new led lighting system are just some of the novel ideas.

Extractable drawers and trays Extractable drawers and trays
Gray and ruby red ecoskin trinket tray Gray and ruby red ecoskin trinket tray

Vincent Van Duysen


Vincent Van Duysen


Vincent Van Duysen



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