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The Pass-Word, design Dante Bonuccelli, has established itself as a living area system designed for contemporary homes thanks to its multiple compositional and functional features, combinations of solid and void volumes that allow extreme designing freedom together with an original expressive character.

Design Dante Bonuccelli

Technical Details

The Pass-word living system by Dante Bonuccelli is a longstanding and essential part of the Molteni&C catalogue. Based on a modular composition and the juxtaposition of materials, the system pairs both solid and transparent elements in an endless number of configurations, allowing for complete freedom of expression.

The latest addition for 2023 is represented by the completion of the horizontal glass wall unit, updated with an innovative upward patented flap opening. The movement of the door is activated by a cushioned mechanism hidden inside the profiles, which negates the need for visible side arms, making the wall unit unique of its kind. The completely transparent floating shelf is designed to be mounted above a console element, providing a delicate sense of balance. Within, LED lighting softly illuminates the shelves’ contents. The Pass-word system adds a touch of elegance and complements any modern living space.

Pictured: Boiserie by CLEAF, the Italian company producing innovative surfaces. 

All the base units of the system, either floor-standing or resting on the base, can be enriched with a glass top in order to create exclusive display cases. The bases are embellished with Led lighting systems along the entire horizontal perimeter, both in the upper and lower part.

Pass-Word Evolution shelving system has been completed with the addition of the double height shelf suitable to showcase also large objects.

molteni&C pass-word living room system italian design bookshelves and multimedia

Storage units are moving towards less minimalist forms, with rounded edges for wing or tip-up doors and wood or lacquered drawers, all with flush metal handles.

A new vertical open unit has been added to the system to create open spaces alternating with those closed by doors or drawers.

Marble, wood or lacquered tops and newly designed metal feet complete the system. A thick top fitted with built-in wiring compartments, designed to conceal all the wires and connections, can be used both as a support for the TV and/or for media equipment or as a writing surface for a Home Office system.

italian design wall living room systems molteni&C
italian design wall living room systems molteni&C with electric devices

The tops can be fitted with a concealed LED lighting system designed to diffuse indirect light in the surrounding space. The intensity can be regulated with a remote control. Vertical Stopsol H 120-finish glass storage units, complete with 3 glass shelves lit by concealed LEDs, designed for displaying favourite or precious objects, accessible via a wing door with push&pull opening.

Lastly, a system of slim metal shelves in the standard system finishes, hooked to a modulo 35 wooden panel, with which to create bookcases suspended at various heights above the storage units.


Dante Bonuccelli

Dante Bonuccelli was born in 1956 in Buenos Aires. He worked as a design consultant for Dada and Unifor. Perhaps because of his Argentine background, or because there he started in building design, Dante Bonuccelli does not display any diva behaviour, but instead has a concrete and precise way of bringing architecture to design with great attention to research and testing of new concepts. He is always looking towards a broader horizon than the Po valley, where he comes from. Technology and daily living are brought together in his projects, such as the Tivalì and Trim kitchens he designed for Dada.

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Dante Bonuccelli

“The ideal design is the result of a new concept. It is functional, attentive to detail, becomes timeless and has harmonious forms.”

Dante Bonuccelli

Pass-Word Evolution

Technical Details

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