Walk-in closets

Molteni&C's creative director Vincent Van Duysen is the designer of the ambitious Gliss Master project: a vast, multifaceted ecosystem of wardrobes, islands, chests of drawers and day or night containers, customisable to the last centimetre. In the elegant, sophisticated version without doors, Gliss Master transforms into a real walk-in wardrobe: in this configuration both the finishes (lacquered, aluminium, glass, wood, pewter and many more) play as central a role as the modular interior equipment. Practicality is guaranteed: hanging drawer units, drawers with dividers, shoe shelves and extractable trays are just some of the possible configurations. The first variation of the design is Gliss Master Island, a free-standing central island ideal for complementing the wardrobe area. The second is Master Dressing, an innovative system of walk-in wardrobes coordinated with the main family and designed to offer tailored solutions thanks to cutting-edge technological devices, such as the wall-mounted racks that allow the equipment to be hung. This is followed by Gliss Walk-In, a walk-in wardrobe system that offers the possibility of "isolating" your wardrobe, creating an enclosed and protected self-standing room. The simple, rational design is again based on the high level of customisation. Elements may be freely arranged at any height thanks to an innovative, patented system of invisible self-blocking rods. The many finishes include Cartapaglia melamine for simple and limited maintenance. Finally, to close the compartments of the GlissWalk-In wardrobe, it is possible to use Dwell, another creation by M.D.T. This system of designer sliding doors and partitions may be used in the ceiling, walls and on false ceilings, and depending on the components (door frame or partition, glass, rail or mouldings) is available with anodised aluminium or brown finish, extra-clear transparent glass, smoked glass or stopsol glass.

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