Bed Accessories

Molteni&C's bedroom accessories are woven by master craftsmen and made from the finest materials on the market, such as Egyptian cotton and Normandy linen. Strict selection of raw materials is coupled with professional care in processing. Molteni&C’s luxury bedding is distinguished by colors that can adapt to any environment without weighing it down. Uncover the bright white, high-quality Egyptian yarns, the warm tones of taupe, browns with a sober navy blue, and the elegant tones of gray. These colors distinguish each bed accessory so that it becomes an ageless complement that adapts to the seasons and environments.

Marta Ferri signs the design of Saint Cloud, which combines the freshness and versatility of cotton with the typical sheen of silk. The 100% Egyptian cotton pillowcases have a lustrous white color and excellent humidity absorption power. Among the bedroom textiles designed by Marta Ferri is Tarascona, made with linen from Normandy. Yarns from this region are among the best in the world for strength, tenacity, brightness, and purity. Bed textiles also include Versailles, made from compact cotton: a 100 percent Egyptian yarn that gives softness to the fabric while preventing pilling. 


Sand Plaid, made of fine wool, is a bed runner ideal for adding a touch of elegance to refined settings. Nubuck leather edging lends a formal tone to the product, while the wool makes the plaid light and engaging. Soft Plaid is a luxurious blanket and the result of a careful selection of fine merino wool fibers, resulting in a very fine, interseasonal yarn. Among Marta Ferri's signature designer bedding is Sable Plaid, made of precious Hircus goat cashmere.


Blankets from the Bouclé Collection have a lustrous appearance thanks to the silk fiber, while the cashmere ensures softness. A truly distinctive textile item, enhanced by a fringed border on the short side. 


The elements of the Plush Collection bear the signature of Nicola Gallizia. The modern blankets constitute a transversal accessory that can enrich both sleeping and living areas. Available in light gray, petroleum blue, and off-white colors.

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