Gliss Master is an ecosystem. The ecosystem designed by Belgian architect Vincent Van Duysen for Molteni&C, redefines the concept of the custom-made wardrobe. Patented technology, elegant finishes and multiple customisation possibilities are combined in a family comprising doors, containers and designer walk-in wardrobes in which various exquisite materials create rationally defined, eye-catching spaces. The basic concept of the Gliss Master collection becomes evident in the details: innovative recess hinges with no visible mechanisms, new interior equipment (shoe racks, shirt holders, tie holders) and a fluid sliding system thanks to the innovative magnetic dampers are just a few of the stars of this vast, multifaceted collection. There is a wide choice of wardrobes, walk-in wardrobes and doors: Gliss Master Window features an extruded aluminium and crystal frame, while Niche offers a sophisticated handle built into the thickness of the door. The Skin door is entirely clad in eco skin: the surface features square patterns, while the concealed hinges have dampers and the handles are made from pewter or clad in eco skin. The Gliss Master Grip handle, on the other hand, is applied directly to the side of the door: here, the sliding system is key, with automatic coupling when open or closed. Gliss Master Strip is notable for its vertical eco skin strip with pewter edging, while the Gliss Master Glass doors, made with 180° hinges built into the side – a Molteni&C exclusive – present an extruded aluminium frame with 4 mm thick crystal. Meanwhile, the Gliss Master Plaster door features a plaster-effect surface: the particle board panel, covered with a melamine finish, is edged with extruded aluminium, and in the silica-finish version it is even more on-trend as it blends in with the room in camouflage fashion. While Gliss Master Deep has a distinctive built-in handle and, like other models seen above, hinges with dampers, the Molteni Design Team has enriched the custom-made and designer wardrobe collection with Start doors, whose handles are affixed to the front. This applies to A Filo, made of wood and glass, and Blade, which boasts a full-height handle. Closing the collection is a gem by the great Spanish artist Patricia Urquiola: her Gliss Up is almost an overturned wardrobe, suspended from the wall, and the area below it may be put to new uses, while accessories and drawer units can be placed on the roomy shelves. The interior is in cedar, the possibilities infinite, and the effect is bound to be high-impact. A modern designer wardrobe capable of literally raising the level of a family of pieces that never ceases to grow and surprise.

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