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His project is distinctly minimalist in design but rich in his choice of materials, such as aluminium, marble, reflective glass and eucalyptus or graphite oak.

The joint between the parts determines a decorative triangular-shape finished in brass which enhances the solidity of the frame and characterizes the elegance of the design.

“I wanted to design a very minimal table, so it became a very interesting exercise right from the beginning, in how do you actually achieve the most minimal table with a very simplified geometric section."

Michael Anastassiades

A design where Anastassiades’ engineering training almost prevailed over his skills as a designer to offer us a unique and intriguing object.


Michael Anastassiades

Michael Anastassiades founded his studio in London in 1994. He trained as a civil engineer at London’s Imperial College of Science Technology and Medicine before taking a masters degree in industrial design at the Royal College of Art.

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Michael Anastassiades

Michael Anastassiades

Half a Square

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