Its modularity gives rise to an elegant and simple decorative effect. Handcrafted using the manual tufting method, Duna is available in three versions of warm and natural colors: Ivory, Tobacco and Anthracite.

“I have always been sensitive to nature and its messages, precious impulse for my creativity. For Duna, in fact, I drew inspiration from the ever-changing geometric patterns of the sand dunes in the south of Sardinia and the welcoming feeling of calm that one feels when walking or lying on them”

Nicola Gallizia


Nicola Gallizia

Nicola Gallizia, who was born in Milan, studied at the Milan Polytechnic Architecture Faculty. From 1990 to 1999 he worked with Luca Meda as an assistant creating the image and product for Molteni&C and Dada. In 1999 worked as an image and product development consultant. In 2003 he became the artistic director of Molteni&C with a focus on new graphic projects, concept and product catalogues creation, stand designs for the main exhibitions, design and outfitting shops and events. He works as an image and product development consultant.

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Nicola Gallizia

“The image reveals the forms that curious eye craves.”

Nicola Gallizia

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