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design Vincent Van Duysen

The new seating system reflects the Molteni&C corporate profile, based on two key words: tradition and technology, linked by the leitmotif of perfectly clean lines. A flexible and dynamic seating system, rich in content, which shows how research and craftsmanship have always been part and parcel of the company’s DNA.

Albert is a brave step forward in the search for a seating system conceived as a flexible and disarticulatable structure, that can reshape the new complexity of modern living, marked by extreme planning.

Design Vincent Van Duysen

Elain, is a cosy, curvacious, little armchair designed to fit easily into any setting. Consisting of just two parts, a seat and a backrest, which come together to form a perfectly rounded object that invites you simply to sit down. Ideal for use alongside sofas also designed by Vincent Van Duysen, or even on her own as a comfy armchair or with a twin to create discreet little conversation corners.

design Vincent Van Duysen

Hugo is a complement, a collection of versatile and contemporary accessories, but with firm roots in tradition. It is distinguished by severe proportions and classic quotations, by the tactile value of wood. But such memories are ruffled by a contemporary breeze that brings an air of simplicity and the tension of “Less is more”.

design Vincent van Duysen

Adrien expresses a desire to present a new series of storage units, conceptually avant-garde both in technological and in aesthetic terms. Adrien is a fortunate combination of purity of form and exclusive materials and technologies, blended harmoniously and with a focus on key visual and tactile aspects. This new system of storage units develops the concept of rigorous containers defined by absolute transparency.

Gliss Master
design Vincent Van Duysen

Molteni&C, always at the forefront of day- and night-time system design, has extended the possibilities for Gliss Master, renewing the architectural concept of the night- time area. The melamine offering is enriched with a new internal finish, a Wax/White texture, and a new warm Bronze finish, feminine and sophisticated, which represents the latest interpretation of this metal.

The insides feature new accessories, such as the top of the structure which can be made of glass, to make the wardrobe even more transparent. The Master chest-of-drawers also has new tops, one made of transparent glass framed in Pewter and Bronze-coloured aluminium, which, thanks to the LED lighting, enhances the drawer inside; the other enriched with a stackable and pull-out three- layer trinket tray, which can be positioned at will. The whole thing in the classic Molteni&C melamine finishes.

Two new options for the doors:
- Swing door, matt lacqured, which can be opened at 180°
- Twin door, with the strong formal appeal typical of Vincent Van Duysen, with a new Pewter-coloured outer handle.

The Internet Of Things joins the world of Molteni&C nighttime systems – Gliss Master and Master Dressing – with avant-garde solutions and innovations that guarantee wardrobes the best environmental quality. For taking care of clothing and accessories it is, in fact, essential to be able to exclude the presence of harmful agents – bacteria, moulds and allergens – that naturally insinuate themselves onto fabrics in contact with the environment.

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design Gio Ponti

In 1958 Gio Ponti was enlisted to design the auditorium for the Time & Life Building at 1271 Avenue of the Americas in New York. The building housed the headquarters of Time Inc., publisher of influential, historical magazines such as Time, Life, Fortune, People, and Sports Illustrated – the cream of American publishing. This was Ponti’s most prestigious project in New York. Ponti designed the entire auditorium, including the interior and the furnishings.

The D.859.1 table, designed primarily as a meeting table for up to ten people, stands out among the auditorium furnishings not only for its impressive size—over 3,60 meters long—but especially for its simple yet refined design. The legs are notable for their fine-membered modernity, creating a trapezoidal single-span bridge upon which the large tapered top conveys the idea of aerodynamics. Originally made of solid ash with bronze ferrules, it is now also available in a darker-toned wood such as Black Stained Ash. In addition to its original dimensions, the D.859.1 is available in two smaller version that faithfully reproduce the harmony and proportions of the original design.

design Ron Gilad

Teorema, presented at last year’s Salone del Mobile.Milano and winner of the Wallpaper design Award 2018 in the Best Twist Action category, is evolving towards new forms of home furnishings.

Ron Gilad, true to the original design that sees Teorema as a collection based on the geometric form of a void, turns the chest of drawers featuring elements off-set with respect to the central axis into a storage unit where containmnt and open glass parts are superimposed to create a single solid with a densely faceted surface The drawers can be placed in axis or unusually at 45° compared to the rest of the unit.

The drawers can be placed in axis or unusually offset at 20° to the rest of the unit. The finish, either Canaletto Walnut or Eucalyptus, is a perfect combination of the micrometrical precision of the mechanical machining and the craftsmanship involved in folding and gluing the structural elements. The sophisticated technique of folding, typical of Molteni&C’s DNA, blends with the Israeli architect’s refined and poetic design.

design Francesco Meda

Francesco Meda marks his debut as a designer for Molteni&C with Woody, a chair featuring flowing lines that invite you to sit down and enjoy agreeable conversation with friends around a sumptuously laid table. This solid wooden chair made of two finishes, Natural Ash and Black Stained Ash, features harmoniously linked lines onto which the seat and backrest, both also made of wood or covered with bonded hide leather, are placed. The totally and seamlessly jointed, screw-free construction produces a lightweight, organic effect.

“My focus is on achieving “airy” sections in order to reduce the material used to a minimum, not wasting wood, which is such a precious material.”
Francesco Meda

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