Kitchens present an opportunity to blend creativity with functionality. They can create an environment that enhances one's lifestyle while reflecting one's personal taste. In the vast panorama of designer kitchens, Molteni&C’s collection stands out. Curated by masters such as Dante Bonuccelli, Vincent Van Duysen and Nicola Galizia, Molteni&C kitchen islands and modular styles represent the perfect fusion of the essence of everyday life and innovative technological solutions. You will find modular and versatile kitchens ready to adapt to any space. A kitchen with a central island is the perfect choice for a spacious, dynamic environment, while kitchens with retractable doors are the ideal solution for minimal style. Each Molteni&C modular kitchen encompasses a unique soul, where innovation combines with craftsmanship to create kitchens of excellence, destined to be the epicenter of any space.

Among Molteni&C's most iconic creations is the revolutionary Tivalì, a box kitchen with a patented mechanism that allows doors to effortlessly appear and disappear into side compartments.


Designed by Vincent Van Duysen, the VVD kitchen plays with contrasting materials, creating a sophisticated and dynamic effect. Its handle-less essence is complemented by trolleys, open drawers, and pull-out trays, offering extensive customization and compositional freedom. Technology takes center stage in VVD, thanks to an innovative pivot hinge as well as an integrated LED bar that provide a contemporary touch.


The Helios outdoor design kitchen combines Italian-made craftsmanship with innovative technologies, making it ideal for exterior spaces. A testament to Italian excellence, the kitchen combines functionality and beauty with the most appropriate style for an outdoor environment.


Banco, one of Molteni&C's most iconic kitchens, was designed in 1994 by Luca Meda. It redefines the concept of contrasts in materials by favoring black and white. The kitchen island structure, suspended and self-supporting, combines cooking and washing functions in a single architectural solution, while a solid aluminum extrusion supports the thin worktop.


A modular design path and a system of subtraction are concealed in INDada, by Nicola Gallizia. This kitchen offers a wide range of shapes, colors, and materials that redefine simplicity while allowing you to create a unique, tailored style


Hi-Line 6 by Ferruccio Laviani is a kitchen project with unified, sober lines that go beyond mere functionality to become a space to live in. With an organized layout inspired by the esprit de géométrie and characterized by rigorous forms, this modular kitchen with an island stands out for its richness of detail and care in construction quality. Taller base units offer greater storage capacity, providing a practical yet tidy solution for keeping everything in order. Hi-Line 6 moves away from the classic concept of the kitchen, opening the door to numerous compositional possibilities that are perfectly suited to personal needs. The absence of handles gives a clean, minimalist look, replaced by a practical groove to open and close the doors with ease. Project winner of the ELLE DECOR Design Award in 2007.

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