Armani/Dada presents Midnight, the new versatile bar cabinet

Armani/Dada presents Midnight, the new versatile bar cabinet


In Giorgio Armani’s aesthetic, modernism and exoticism are a constant reference point in a rarefied yet decisive lexicon, composed of subtle structures, exquisite finishes and a sense of weightlessness.

Designed to be a “treasure chest”, this cocktail and wine bar cabinet encompasses the aesthetic characteristics of the Armani/Dada collection, combined with the utmost functionality, thus becoming a perfect central element of living space décor.

Midnight is created to be built in different versions, including a mini-kitchen for an adaptable and versatile use.

The clean, Japanese-inspired design of the gildedbronze finish aluminium doors features vertical rod inserts in aniègre frisé-textured, and a satin aluminium finish in a champagne hue. It was designed to allow a glimpse into the inside and to be opened – through a patented mechanism – using a simple and natural movement. The open doors lie alongside the unit without occupying additional space.


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