The Camden seating collection, which includes sofas with backrests of different heights and chaise longue features a simple design. The dimensions are suitable for public spaces and there is a wide range of finishes mid way between home and contract. It features advanced technology: pressure die cast aluminium frames, foamed at differentiated heights and with hi-tech, aesthetically appealing textiles.

Design Rodolfo Dordoni

Technical Details

The defining mark of the base balances the fluid lines of the backrests to blend ergonomics and elegance to create elegant, essential chairs. Camden is distinguished for its versatility: suitable for creating a cosy corner in a larger living room or outlining a special space for relaxing, ideal for furnishing spaces that are open to the public and meeting places or gathering places to lend aesthetic taste and functionality to all types of environments.


Rodolfo Dordoni

Rodolfo Dordoni, architect and designer, was born in Milan, where he graduated in Architecture. His collaboration with Molteni&C has gone beyond the production of individual products and has become the creation of a collection for the dining room and night systems. These projects feature hidden high-technology in the products.

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Rodolfo Dordoni

"Today an object goes beyond the collection concept, it defines an atmosphere, style and an environment where you feel comfortable."

Rodolfo Dordoni

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