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The modular 505 system, one of the “blockbusters” of the Molteni&C collection, is constantly evolving, with innovative features that refresh and broaden its infinite uses. A new glass door complete with a handle built into the metal profile in the standard finishes.

Design Nicola Gallizia
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Slim glass partitions to be positioned rationally on the load-bearing shelves to separate books and ornaments so that they are easy to see and enjoy.

An innovative system of projecting doors, Hide, in wood or lacquered finishes, designed to be hooked to the vertical frame at will, in order to give the façade a fresh look with surfaces completely independent from the overall design.


Nicola Gallizia

Nicola Gallizia, who was born in Milan, studied at the Milan Polytechnic Architecture Faculty. From 1990 to 1999 he worked with Luca Meda as an assistant creating the image and product for Molteni&C and Dada. In 1999 worked as an image and product development consultant. In 2003 he became the artistic director of Molteni&C with a focus on new graphic projects, concept and product catalogues creation, stand designs for the main exhibitions, design and outfitting shops and events. He works as an image and product development consultant.

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Nicola Gallizia

"The image reveals the forms that curious eye craves."

Nicola Gallizia

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