Integrated quality, environment, safety, sustainability policy

Molteni & C. S.p.A. has been part of the Molteni Group, one of the leading industrial groups in the Italian furniture industry, since 1980. The company's business focuses on the production of interior furniture, kitchen furniture and high-end furnishing accessories for the Retail and Contract division (civil, naval).

The distribution of Retail furniture is structured through points of sale, mono-brand shops, and flagship shops; contract supplies are primarily aimed at the following sectors: hotels and restaurants, apartment complexes, chain shops and boutiques, offices, business centres, cruise ships, military ships and yachts.

The company’s mission is:

  • To pursue continuous process improvement in all aspects of quality, environment, work safety, and sustainability, in order to improve the company's competitive edge in the high-end furniture market.

Our key strategies are:

  • To take due account of the business environment and the expectations of stakeholders;

  • To carry out business risk analysis to assess, eliminate and/or decrease risks associated with activities, with a view to continuous improvement;

  • To comply with all applicable national, regional and local laws as well as foreign laws concerning the countries to which the furniture is supplied;

  • To set improvement targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and report achievements to stakeholders;

  • To maintain close collaborative contacts with internal designers for the development of new sustainable products, taking into account aspects such as design, materials, finishes, ergonomics, functionality;

  • Use qualified and reliable subcontractors and sub-suppliers, sharing the search for more reliable and innovative products and services;

  • To source raw materials to ensure that furniture is solid, strong, durable, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, unaffected by weathering and corrosive processes, and has a life cycle in line with industry standards;

  • To improve the 'brand image' to maintain success in the high-end furniture market;

  • To adopt the best technologies available which are economically accessible to prevent and minimise environmental impact by committing ourselves to the continuous improvement of the efficiency of said technologies;

  • To prioritise preventive action with regard to pollution instead of the abatement of pollution after activities, and to prevent possible emergencies.

  • Progressive awareness of meeting customer requirements, also with a view to sustainability;

  • A focus on protecting the company's know-how and its image in terms of ethicality and thoroughness;

  • To minimise the consumption of energy resources by saving, recovering and utilising wood waste as an energy source;

  • To improve the impact of atmospheric emissions through the continuous search for better coating products;

  • To prevent at source any risks to the health and safety of persons, including those working on behalf of the company.

Molteni & C. S.p.A. also wishes to inform the community about its policy by making it available to anyone who requests it.

The Management is committed to periodically reviewing its policy contents in order to adapt it to changes, organisational modifications, evolving technologies, legislative regulations, and the updating of significant environmental impacts, opportunities and risks related to quality, environment, health and safety, and sustainability.

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