Molteni Museum - The Company tale

Molteni Museum - The Company tale


Open Days 23-24 October 2021
New premises and new art direction and planning for the Molteni Museum in the industrial compound at the company headquarters.

The museum was moved to the Glass Cube space located in the Molteni Compound gardens, and was totally revamped by Ron Gilad.

The space showcases the company’s achievements – products, prototypes, stories and images – as well as its identity and its values, by telling extraordinary stories of the men and women that have invented, produced and built objects, work and social relationships.

Ron Gilad's work is a reflection on the question he constantly asks himself: how to work in a state of creative freedom? Over the past two decades Gilad has managed to maintain "creative freedom", supporting his vision of design and art as a form of fun, humorous and enigmatic, at the same time provocative.

On the occasion of IN TOUR event organized y Museo City and Circuito Lombardo Musei Design, Molteni&C invites you to visit Molteni Museum.

23−24 October 2021 | 10.00−16.00

Corporate Compound
Molteni&C via Rossini 50 Giussano, Italy
23 October: rsvp@molteni.it
24 October: rsvp.events@molteni.it

Molteni Compounds entrance is granted to all visitors holding a valid COVID-19 vaccination proof or a valid negative COVID-19 test performed in the 48hrs prior to the visit.

The museum is a dynamic place which fosters research and memory while stimulating dialogue and exchanges of ideas.

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Molteni Museum

Via Rossini, 50 Giussano (MB)

Monday - Friday 10am-4pm

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