2021 New Collection

Quality, passion and tradition under the label of Made in Italy: this is how the 2021 collection is created.
Stay tuned to discover it, each week we are revealing new iconic pieces.

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Giulia Molteni, Head of Marketing and Communication of Molteni Group, and Salvatore Licitra, curator of Gio Ponti Archives, invite you to discover the exclusive preview of the 2021 Collection, leading you in an inspirational journey through the latest mood to unveil the new icons.


Marteen designed by Vincent Van Duysen

Marteen is a multifunctional seating and storage system introducing harmony with perfectly balanced volumes, in an alternation of solids and voids. Vincent Van Duysen has succeeded in his intent of rewriting the living area experience, contaminating traditional types of seating with freer and more informal lifestyles, translating them into extremely versatile and contemporary configurations.

The infinite possibilities of the Marteen sofa are revealed in the creation of versatile compositions - from the classic corner solution to the most modern island solutions - thanks to the combination of the various elements, including seats and storage units.

Marteen coffee table designed by Vincent Van Duysen

The Belgian designer has conceived the Marteen coffee tables as contemporary furniture elements that can be used individually or combined with each other, either independently or by combining them with seating systems to create interesting contrasts between soft and rigid materials. A dynamic, new and modern way of conceiving the living area.

Round D.154.5 designed by Gio Ponti

More than 60 years after the original idea, Round (D.154.5) was reborn thanks to the Heritage Collection reissue project by Molteni&C, in collaboration with the Gio Ponti Archives.

As with all the projects in the collection, the careful study of drawings, photos and period materials has made it possible to faithfully reproduce the armchair in every detail, bringing a forgotten masterpiece back to life.

The project name, Round D.154.5, comes from the rounded shape of the seat and backrests, also referred to as the ‘soap bar’. It has very modern shapes, almost out of this world, which had never been thought of before. Characterized by avantgarde materials and technologies, such as the Vipla for the upholstery, curved plywood to join the backrest and seat, and metal feet with non-slip tips that are easy to assemble.

Round (D.154.5) is also referred to as ‘Otto Pezzi’ (Eight Pieces) in the Ponti/Fornaroli/Rosselli study. In fact, there are eight pieces that make up the chair: backrest, seat, two curved plywood elements and four legs, which screw into the seat to hold the whole thing together.

Gio Ponti was very fond of this chair and often used it to furnish his architectural projects.

1960 Alitalia Milano © Gio Ponti Archives Archivio storico Eredi Gio Ponti1960 Alitalia Milano © Gio Ponti Archives Archivio storico Eredi Gio Ponti

1957 Italian Cultural Institut Stockholm © Gio Ponti Archives Archivio storico Eredi Gio Ponti1957 Italian Cultural Institut Stockholm © Gio Ponti Archives Archivio storico Eredi Gio Ponti

1956 Villa Arreaza Caracas, Venezuela Interni/Interiors © Gio Ponti Archives Archivio storico Eredi Gio Ponti1956 Villa Arreaza Caracas, Venezuela Interni/Interiors © Gio Ponti Archives Archivio storico Eredi Gio Ponti

D.847.1 designed by Gio Ponti

More than 70 years after the original design, the D.847.1 console desk was reborn thanks to the Heritage Collection reissue project by Molteni&C, in collaboration with the Gio Ponti Archives.

As with all the projects in the Heritage Collection, the careful study of drawings, photos and period materials has made it possible to faithfully reproduce the D.847.1 desk in every detail, bringing a forgotten masterpiece back to life.

Piroscafo designed by Aldo Rossi e Luca Meda
30th Anniversary

A new version, 30 years after the first Piroscafo.

A new facade lacquered in a warm Spice colour with eucalyptus interiors re-proposes a classic piece in a contemporary version without betraying its origins as a rigorous but functional piece of furniture. The dimensions reflect current production.

To find the genesis of this original domestic architecture we have to take a step back in time.

On a cold afternoon, two friends, Luca Meda and Aldo Rossi, are walking through the Fontivegge Centre, the headquarters of the Umbria Regional Council. The two friends were talking animatedly and suddenly stopped to look at the large green glass facade next to the former Perugina chimney, a true relic of industrial archaeology. It was the moment of intuition: take the building’s facade and transform it into furniture!

In a few months, their intuition became reality. At the 1991 Salone del Mobile, four large compositions were presented, two with a white façade and two in Prussian green, which stood out in the centre of the Molteni&C stand. In 1993, based on an idea by Luca Meda, at the Salone del Mobile, a gigantic Piroscafo, 13 metres long, complete with red and black funnels reproducing a real ship, welcomed visitors.

It was an immediate success that has now lasted for thirty years.

Half a Square designed by Michael Anastassiades

Half a Square, a strongly minimalist design by Michael Anastassiades, part of the 2020 Collection, expands its compositional possibilities. In 2021, the minimalist character of Half a Square, has seen the addition of a new distinctive finish with a matt white glass, capable of enhancing the geometric rigour of a design that appears simple and linear.

Hector night designed by Vincent Van Duysen

Hector Night is a new project dedicated to the night area by Molteni&C. It originates from the Hector bookcase which features a strong modern and flexible expressive character.

Perfectly engineered to be mounted without any limitations, Hector Night uses a new patented LED system to illuminate all its functions.


The new antibacterial and antiviral leather responds to contemporary needs by almost totally reducing the presence of bacteria and viruses on surfaces and guaranteeing high safety standards.
After numerous laboratory tests, Gruppo Mastrotto’s Research and Development Department has developed and registered the patent for a new exclusive treatment that prevents bacteria and viruses from surviving on leather, with a protection level of
up to 99.9%.

An effective and permanent system that guarantees the almost total elimination of bacteria and viruses, providing products with a tactile and visual comfort which is in perfect harmony with living spaces.

This leather is also in total balance with the natural cycle of the ecosystem.

Biobased products, which are alternatives to fossil-based products, play an increasingly important role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions that exacerbate the effects of global climate change.


A fair relationship between technological progress and the respect for natural resources is increasingly becoming an element of primary importance for development in every field of human activity, and particularly for the construction industry and for systems connected with living and office spaces.

2021 has seen the introduction of a new eco-friendly upholstery.

Exclusively for the Paul sofa system, the project marks an important step towards the use of more environmentally friendly goods. The new fibre is synthetic, in 100 % recycled and biodegradable polyester. Designed to return to nature, it provides a holistic and sustainable solution for product wear and eventual end of life.

We are also pleased to present a new eco fabric designed by Patricia Urquiola and in collaboration with Kvadrat, an international leader in the production of high-performance materials.

Reflect is a sophisticated fabric with a characteristic diagonal pattern.
It comprises a collection of 23 colours in a 100% recycled yarn from PET bottles. The PET used for Reflect comes from post-consumer bottles collected in Thailand. The fabric is manufactured using a process that is much more efficient than that of virgin polyester, as it uses less energy and chemicals, as well as minimising CO2 emissions. As a result, Reflect is ideal for those looking for a fabric with a significantly reduced environmental impact.

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