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Salone del Mobile | Milano Design Week 2019

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Molteni&C is at the Milan Design Week 2019 with a stand inspired by Mid-Century architecture, designed by the Belgian architect Vincent Van Duysen, the company’s Creative Director and Corporate Image Curator.

The 2019 concept is inspired by the houses of the great architects of the mid 20th century. The straight pure wall and ceiling volumes divide and emphasize the different spaces. These shifting volumes never touch each other, creating horizontal and vertical visual filters. The result is a bright and open architecture, with large green islands inspired by Californian gardens.

The Lounge Area

The Molteni&C home also hosts a spacious artist’s studio, built around an open green void. The studio is visually and physically connected with the rooftop terrace on the upper floor which is accessible via the open staircase, which is part of the library, the heart of the Molteni&C home. The mix of different materials such as walnut, travertine stone and palladiana flooring gives a strong character to each individual space.

design Vincent Van Duysen

Vincent van Duysen continues his research into the world of contemporary living by designing this Gregor modular system for Molteni&C. It includes various straight, corner or peninsular units that can be mixed and matched together to give multiple combinations for a living space destined for conversation, reading and entertainment, with all the media devices readily available. The steel base, in a new zinc finish, supported by small feet that recall VVD’s most recent furniture designs, such as the Quinten sideboards or the Jan small tables, is covered in leather, as are the winged armrests suitable for supporting soft cushions while at the same time acting as a useful surface.

“Gregor is a sofa collection playing subtlety with low proportions, thicknesses and a mix of refined materials. A harmonious, contemporary language created by the contrast of soft, comfortable and generous cushions and the strong, precise and linear metal basement. The horizontal part of the basement is covered with crafted leather, perfectly stitched along the perimeter. "
Vincent Van Duysen

Irving design
Vincent Van Duysen

A precise, striking design for Irving, a small system for the living area, composed of tall and low storage units. The shaped metal foot, which distinguishes some of VVD’s successful designs, is used here as a visible structural element to define the architecture of the storage units; moving up to the top, it frames the open compartments, closed by doors or with Eco Skin-covered drawers.

Both inside and out, the compartments come in eucalyptus or Canaletto walnut. The top is strictly marble, Orient Grey or Calcutta Gold, placed on high to conclude this small domestic structure.

“The archetype of a sideboard, elegantly elevated by the characteristic T-shaped metal basement. Refined material mix of timber, marble stone and metal. The combination of open and closed areas and the functional drawers and trays in fine leather create a dynamic and beautifully crafted furniture piece.” Vincent Van Duysen

design Vincent Van Duysen

A small, low armchair, designed mainly for the hospitality sector, in hotel lobbies, bedrooms, lounges and bars, but also in the home as an occasional armchair set alongside impressive sofas.

“Gillis has a very strong modernist language. Perfectly crafted timber joinery details, characteristic leather straps at the back of the backrest, the armrest padded with leather made of one single piece gently turning around the backrest make the distinctive design traits of this compact yet very comfortable armchair".
Vincent Van Duysen

South Kensington
design Rodolfo Dordoni

South Kensington, London’s trendy district, home to the Victoria & Albert Museum and now to Molteni&C|Dada new and prestigious Flagship Store, inaugurated at the beginning of this year, lends its name to the Milanese architect’s latest design for Molteni&C. The idea was prompted by the successful launch of the Kensington armchairs at last year’s Salone del Mobile in Milan. An all rounded sofa like the futuristic 2001 Space Odyssey, a design that was all the rage in the 1960s, but with a contemporary look.

The use of avantgarde materials and the extreme attention to detail as well as the chance to fit in with the Kensington armchairs, with which it shares the basic concepts, makes it an indisputable and exceptionally versatile protagonist. Upholstered in leather or textiles to be chosen from the huge Molteni&C collection.

design Yabu Pushelberg

Canadians George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg, all-round players in the world of architecture, design and graphics since 1980, have just designed SURF, a modular sofa system, for Molteni&C

Thanks to their experience in the hospitality field and in exploring the nature of organic forms well beyond any traditional approach, Yabu Pushelberg design seating, unfettered by the constrictions of excessive modularity and rich in unexpected details. Ideal for residential or hospitality projects, such as hotels or offices.

Foster + Partners

Foster + Partners and Molteni have had a long and fruitful relationship that began with the design of the Still sofa in 2006.

“The ‘Elements’ range for Unifor demonstrated the efficiency of modular furniture. We wanted to explore the same spirit of flexibility and exactness of detail through a different material altogether that was more suited to a domestic setting.” Mike Holland, Head of Industrial Design at Foster + Partners

design Nicola Gallizia

The modular 505 system, one of the “blockbusters” of the Molteni&C collection, is constantly evolving, with innovative features that refresh and broaden its infinite uses.

A new glass door complete with a handle built into the metal profile in the standard finishes. Slim glass partitions to be positioned rationally on the load-bearing shelves to separate books and ornaments so that they are easy to see and enjoy.

design Rodolfo Dordoni

This table, designed by Milanese architect Rodolfo Dordoni, takes the name of London’s Gatwick airport, one of the busiest in the world.

A hub where cosmopolitan travellers meet every hour of the day and night on their way in or out of the U.K. capital, much like a table where people meet for dinner. It is the particular structure of twisted and criss-cross steel recalling an airplane propeller or a helicopter blade that inspired the name.

design Francesco Meda

Woody, designed by Francesco Meda, the chair presented to great acclaim at last year’s Salone del Mobile, is now joined by a small armchair. A solid wooden framework, features harmoniously linked lines on which the hide leather-covered seat and backrest are placed.

design Dante Bonuccelli

Pass-Word, design Dante Bonuccelli, the living-room system designed for contemporary homes, is evolving radically to meet new ways of using domestic spaces, marked by the growing presence of multimedia entertainment systems and/or Home Working, alongside the more traditional objects such as books and ornaments.

Twelve A.M.
design Neri & Hu

Shanghai-based Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu, partners in both work and life, have designed their bed, or more precisely an integrated furniture system for the bedroom, to ensure a good night’s sleep.

Typically oriental, the bed is simple and essential, featuring wood as the main material, teamed with metal and soft textiles or leather. The headboard is tall and inviting, almost embracing the bed itself.

Typically oriental, the bed is simple and essential, featuring wood as the main material, teamed with metal and soft textiles or leather. The headboard is tall and inviting, almost embracing the bed itself. The inside of the headboard is lined with soft textiles or monochrome leather and in the centre it supports a comfortable cushion, which acts as a headrest.

design Rodolfo Dordoni

On the southern bank of the Thames, Greenwich is home to the famous Royal Observatory and the Prime Meridian Line. Despite being a refined district of London, Greenwich still enjoys the freshness and tranquility of a small English town far from the roar of the nearby City.

Gliss Master Sistema 7
design Vincent Van Duysen

The Gliss Master wardrobe system has been enriched with a new type of door featuring an ingenious opening mechanism: Sistema 7. The core of the design is a patented, horizontally folding mechanism that enables the doors to be moved effortlessly and silently from their initial housing at the side of the compartment, thereby making it fully accessible

The core of the design is a patented, horizontally folding mechanism that enables the doors to be moved effortlessly and silently from their initial housing at the side of the compartment, thereby making it fully accessible.

Sistema 7 is designed to accommodate very thick doors, lacquered, in wood or glass with patterned acid etching on the front.
Sistema 7 is particularly suitable for corner solutions or as an opening in walk-in wardrobes, acting as a partition between the spaces in front of or in a wardrobe placed in the centre of a room or as access to a different room.

by Marta Ferri

Bright contemporary yarns intertwined with natural fibres – linens and cottons – express Marta Ferri’s latest ideas for Molteni&C textiles in the 2019 Fibra collection. A new way of interpreting plain colours, combining cold hues, twinkling with silver filaments, and warm ochre and rusty shades, enlivened by copper-coloured strands, in a fresh, futuristic interpretation of the ancient art of weaving.

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