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Mar 2024 · India Block
A History of Architectural Acoustics: Amplifying and Silencing Sounds

At La Valltorta gorge in Valencia, Spain, there are figures of humans and animals that were painted onto the rock face by our prehistoric ancestors many thousands of years ago.

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From container to content

Herzog & de Meuron for UniFor in Milan

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Apr 2023 · Joe Lloyd ·  M MAGAZINE N°16
Pompeii and beyond

The designers looking to Ancient Rome for modern relevance 

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May 2022 · Katrin Betschinger, Philippe Braun ·  M MAGAZINE N°15
Digital Bohemia

The new Axel Springer building in Berlin is home to journalists and tech gurus, editors and programmers alike. 

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says Vincent Van Duysen, quoting the archaeologist JJ Winckelmann.
“The home is once again the beating heart: conceived in a new guise - domestic, welcoming, and reassuring - it becomes a place in which to participate and share, on the border between public and private. A home of noble simplicity and quiet grandeur”
Gio Ponti
Mar 2024 · Francesca Molteni

Like many of Gio Ponti's other pieces, the D.154.2 was conceived for a private client, the collectors Anala and Armando Planchart, as part of the project for their villa in Caracas, Venezuela.

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Nov 2022 · Riya Patel ·  online exclusive
Gio Ponti: a way of life

“Ponti style” is a lifestyle that emerged through six decades of the creative practice of Gio Ponti (1891-1979).

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Apr 2018 · Debika Ray ·  M MAGAZINE N°12
Ship Shape

Designers as Gio Ponti have long been attracted to the creative and intellectual freedom offered by maritime projects, and that continues to ring true today.

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Jan 2018 · Peter Hefti ·  M MAGAZINE N°12
Gio Ponti’s auditorium for the Time&Life Building in New York
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Mar 2024 · Isabella Smith
In conversation with Jeff Burton

The photographer Jeff Burton is known for the cinematic quality of his work: bathers by a hotel pool become a study in saturated colour; tanned bodies are seen at one remove, distorted by mirrored surfaces; a womans glance is glimpsed through a cars rearview mirror.

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Jan 2024 ·  online exclusive
Dragon Year Celebration, Contemporary Craft

Lunar New Year is the most important day in Chinas lunisolar calendar.

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Nov 2023 ·  online exclusive

The holidays are a time to eat, drink and make merry – the most convivial time of the year. 

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Oct 2023 · Eleonora Raspi ·  online exclusive
Yoshimi Futamura: raw energy of sculpture

Beyond the art of ceramics: Japanese artist Yoshimi Futamura in conversation with KALPA Galleries’ founder Olga Niescier.

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