Studio Hannes Wettstein

Studio Hannes Wettstein


"Everything is architecture. The structure is central to the design. A beautiful form is the happy ending." Stephan Hürlemann

Studio Hannes Wettstein

Hannes Wettstein (1958–2008) was a renowned designer, designing particularly successful products for Molteni amongst others. Following his death, his business partner architect and designer Stephan Hürlemann led the company together with a collective of designers into a new era under the banner Studio Hannes Wettstein. After Hürlemann had developed from the role of director into the creative head of the agency it was renamed Hürlemann in 2016.

Today Stephan Hürlemann and his team conceive of and design buildings, spaces, furnishings, products and settings that are clear, harmonic, poetic and timeless. To this end he is always in search of a coherent structure and aims to bring form to life.

Studio Hannes Wettstein
for Molteni&C

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