Heritage Collection

Molteni&C is re-examining its own history with an eye to the future. The 80!Molteni exhibition, the creation of the company’s historical archive and its recently inaugurated Molteni Museum have provided an opportunity for revival, from the origins of modernity. starting from Gio Ponti, master of the 20th century.

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Landmark Collection

Landmark takes shape from fluid, organic lines and the distinct materiality of the elements. A design without corners, characterised by the woven teak wood motif that circumscribes the back, embracing the material with comfort and design.

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Timeout Collection

Timeout interprets the theme of metal, presenting it in a modern way in a whole range of furnishings, such as: two-seater sofa, armchair with or without armrests, chair with or without armrests, sunbed, stool, bench, low table and dining table - to define plein air environments or spaces half indoors and half outdoors.

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Heritage Collection Outdoor

The outdoor proposal coordinated by Vincent Van Duysen is joined by two important projects by Gio Ponti, enriching Molteni&C's Heritage Collection: great classics, expressions of extremely contemporary design ideas that the brand revives.

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Bed Dressing Collection

Completing the textile range, a choice of accessories, blankets and bedding coordinates, to enrich the Molteni&C bed collection. For blankets, in the winter version, the range includes double wool with nubuk edging in warm dove grey and browns. The offeri

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Leather collection

A generous assortment distinguishes the Molteni&C leather collection; 7 types of leather plus one vegetable leather, to cover the different requirements of design and taste, subdivided into 4 categories, to satisfy the market in terms of price and aesthet

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Home Office Collection

Workplaces are constantly changing and expanding into increasingly vast and unexplored areas. In the home too, the need for a workstation is paramount, not only to enable us to work, but also to make the most of everything the multimedia universe offers r

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