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Welcome Collection

A long-standing partnership between Rodolfo Dordoni and Molteni&C, consolidated by a shared vision of design. The experience that developed with the Chelsea collection suggested a new way forward for both of them: a new family of chairs for a ‘soft contract”, suitable for hotels, restaurants, hospitality areas and residential projects.

“The new way forward is also a consequence of the different way in which products are designed: already contextualized and referring to broader themes than just objects. From home, to a hotel or an office, furniture can change its purpose while maintaining its aesthetic features.”

Rodolfo Dordoni

Generally speaking, today there is no longer a clear distinction between residential and contract products; in fact, even numerous public spaces, such as restaurants, have a homely feel. The subject of “customer experience” (linked to how customers “feel” after having interacted with an environment or with a brand), has forced even major interior design studios to make spaces that used to be exclusively technical more comfortable and welcoming.

The result is the Welcome Collection, an extendable family of furniture that can communicate with other products, which this year starts with the Camden sofa.



The Camden seating collection, which includes sofas with backrests of different heights and chaise longue features a simple design. The dimensions are suitable for public spaces and there is a wide range of finishes mid way between home and contract.

Design Rodolfo Dordoni
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