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May 2022 · Peter Hefti ·  M MAGAZINE N°15

Observing things and remembering. This dual concept holds the key to understanding the ties between Aldo Rossi and design.

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The story of M&C, the magazine produced by the Molteni Group, is a long one. When it was first distributed at the end of the 1980s, it was called simply Il Giornalone [“Large Newspaper”]

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Jul 2013 · Francesca Molteni ·  M MAGAZINE N°07
Dada Storie/s
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Mar 2007 · Vanni Pasca ·  M MAGAZINE N°01
Once upon a time when Aldo Rossi...

The cupboard that reads like an autobiography

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Mar 2018 · Francesca Molteni ·  M MAGAZINE N°12

This is the story of an engaging, almost intimate relationship. The authors of the short movie, Era Ora and Ivana Gloria, choose the language of animation and turn objects into characters

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Jan 2018 · Johanna Agerman Ross ·  M MAGAZINE N°12
The Proud Archivists

A number of new initiatives have established the cultural capital of the archive

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Jan 2019 · Francesca Molteni ·  M MAGAZINE N°13
Unifor 50th Anniversary

It was 1968, the year of great and definitive events that left their mark on consciences, cultures, populations, lifestyles, and consumer habits.

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