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Molteni&C kitchen cupboards represent a perfect synthesis of aesthetics, practicality, and storage. They are an elegant storage solution for practical and functional space without sacrificing elegance. Mounted kitchen wall units, in glass or with LED backlighting, are modular. The variety of innovative materials proposed by Molteni&C is the result of constant experimentation and gives the possibility to customize each element, adapting the final result to the desired aesthetic. 

The structural element of the Wing kitchen storage unit system is the back panel, which dictates the height of the equipped light bar. It is born of the flexible combination of panels and shelves. The shelves have an operable LED profile. The modern kitchen unit can be placed above counters or freely in other rooms.


Among the contemporary kitchen cupboards designed by Vincent Van Duysen is Stripe. The hinged door consists of a slatted frame in an essence finish and an extra-clear, transparent glass. At the heart of Sistema 7's design is a tilting, patented mechanism that allows the doors to be moved from their initial location to the side of the compartment or overlapping the adjoining compartment. This makes the central compartment fully accessible while remaining effortlessly quiet. The Sistema 7 wooden kitchen unit can be used as a single element or within a composition of wall units or shelves. 


R&D, the Research and Development department of Molteni&C, presents the Bright glass kitchen unit: an elegant storage solution with the possibility of inserting LED lights. The doors are made with an aluminum frame and open with concealed cushioned micro-hinges integrated into the bottom and base of the storage units. The interior glass shelves can be individually illuminated thanks to a specific frame with integrated LED light.


The white kitchen unit D|Frame is a perfect synthesis of aesthetics, capacity, and practicality. The mid-century modern kitchen cupboard has a large storage capacity and simplified accessibility thanks to its progressive flap opening. 


Momento Containers are suspended kitchen wall units by Nicola Gallizia, accessorized with an aluminum frame and pewter finish. The clock door, with an extra-clear painted glass dial and analog chronograph, can be wall-mounted. The back of Momento hanging storage units can be in walnut, graphite oak, or extra-clear etched mirrored glass.

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