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Marta Ferri

Marta Ferri


"Comme dans toutes les nouvelles choses, il y a l'émotion d'apprendre. Connaître de près le monde de Molteni&C, non seulement ses produits mais aussi les professionnels qui y travaillent, a inspiré le résultat final"

Marta Ferri

After her graduation she follows her curiosity and desire for freedom to New York City where she will spend the following four years. Immediately she begins working as a set designer, assistant photographer, digital tech, personal assistant and photo shoot producer. Always travelling, always on the run. In 2009 Marta decides to return to Italy and turn the page, still looking for her path. Her eclectic background, energy and euphoric attitude are immediately noticed by Prada, who hires her. Marta quickly falls in love and learns the ropes of a new challenge, the Visual Merchandiser. She keeps searching, after one and a half years she leaves Prada and decides to move to Argentina and realize her jewellery collection. During the few months which preceded her departure she fell in love for some fabrics, played with them and transformed them in beautiful hand made unique dresses. Following an unexpected success she opened her own atelier, together with a skilled première and so everything begins, in Milan. Marta has presented in December 2010 her first collection of unique dresses.

Marta Ferri, jeune talent couturier italien, réalise sa première expérience dans le domaine de l’ameublement. Elle signe l’image textile de Molteni&C. Fille d’art, Marta transmet un monde de couleurs, atmosphères, harmonisations et attentions au détail qui découlent de son background culturel.

Making her debut in the world of furnishings, Marta Ferri is the talented young Italian couturier behind Molteni&C’s textile research. Born into an artistic family, Marta conveys a wealth of atmosphere, textile and color combinations as well as the attention to detail that stems from her cultural background.

Marta Ferri
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