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Flexibility, design and contemporary style are only three of the many words that could be used to describe the Molteni&C. bookcase units and multimedia systems. The Molteni&C designers have managed to design modern wall-mounted and free-standing bookcases that are both functional as well as elegant and sophisticated. For his Pass-Word, Dante Bo-nuccelli chose an example that focuses on modularity: the compositions (96 to 442 centime-tres, suspended or with base) can be mounted in more than ninety different compositions, a feature that means it can create furniture solutions suitable for any environment, from the liv-ing area to the bedrooms. Pass-Word is also available in the new internal cedar finishing, a wood with warm tones that matches perfectly with the numerous finishes in the Molteni&C range. Just like Bonuccelli, Nicola Gallizia also focused on modularity, creating the 505 project for Molteni&C. This supporting side develops across an unusual series of modular elements that allow you to produce customised solutions. 505 is a bookcase as well as a container, glass cabinet, home office or multimedia unit; it can be placed on the floor or hung on the wall. Its finishes - mainly elm, eucalyptus, durmast, glass and aluminium - add elegance to all of the configurations; 505 has protruding tops that, where necessary, can be used as a work surface, desk or bookshelves and other items for display. It can, however, also be dis-creet thanks to its concealed compartments that reveal themselves through sophisticated opening mechanisms. Graduate, designed by Jean Nouvel, is supported by steel tie-rods that start from a shelf anchored to the wall or ceiling. This way, the wooden or aluminium shelves appear to be al-most floating in air, thanks also to a device of invisible hooks: a solution that has received significant international recognition, like the ADI Index 2004 and the Red Dot Design Award 2005. Almost fifty years earlier, the expert Gio Ponti designed the D.357.1 and D.357.2 bookcases for his home in Milan in via Dezza (just as he did other pieces found in the Molteni&C cata-logue, from the D.153.1 chair to the D.555.1 table). They are produced in contoured multi-layers and covered in elm (the finishing is partly natural and partly painted white, by hand) and can be embellished by the frames with mirrors from the D.950.1 collection.


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