Drawing on London splendour, Flemish pragmatism, Italian features and a love of aesthetics, Molteni&C beds speak a multitude of languages – those of the internationally famous designers who have dreamed up their concepts. But despite their differences, they share certain fundamental points: the use of exclusive materials, cutting-edge technologies and that pinch of genius that allows them to create something truly new. Like Honey, by Israeli artist and designer Arik Levy, a creation that combines modern lines with innovative technologies such as the swing mechanism that reveals a storage section, designed to facilitate access to the compartment, and Nick, by Venetian Luca Nichetto, which surprises with its balanced lines, chromed metal structural elements and the way the contrasting stitching redefines its proportions. Also from Israel comes Sweetdreams, created by Ron Gilad: a base designed for comfort and rest, thanks to its successful synergy with the padded headboard that can be fixed to the wall, framed with solid wood. The latter also plays an important role in Fulham, a designer bed inspired by Fulham Road in London. Designed by Rodolfo Dordoni, it features a cosy headboard and comes with a bench, the ideal complement. Dordoni also created Wish, a refined, minimalist piece available in oak and elm and designed with a meticulous eye for detail. Meanwhile, Molteni&C's artistic director Vincent Van Duysen presents two new beds. The first is Anton, a triumph of simplicity over superfluity thanks to the designer's extensive studies of lines and materials. The second is Ribbon, a soft, fresh fabric bed ideal for the most demanding of clients, who will love its ribbon trim that runs around the entire perimeter of the headboard and base, playing both an aesthetic and a structural role. And as if that weren't enough, the Molteni&C designer bed range also features High-Wave, designed by the brilliant Hannes Wettstein: an ergonomic, comfortable and incredibly functional object, thanks to technologies such as the mechanism that provides two headboard positions for optimum reading comfort. With Oz, Nicola Gallizia has also designed with practicality in mind, transforming the concept of the sofa bed with a system that opens up a 200 cm bed base while simultaneously making the armrests disappear beneath the structure. Finally, the Molteni&C designers' love of refined design is also shared by the talented Patricia Urquiola, who with Clip has created something sinuous and original, using curled shapes and removable upholstery to give this modern bed an elegant, thrilling look.


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