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Studio Klass, renowned for their meticulous approach to design, once again transforms interiors into dreamscapes of architectural beauty with the introduction of the Arial boiserie and door system. Inspired by the iconic Arial typeface, known for its clean lines and effortless readability, the Arial system of boiserie and doors seamlessly blends into any living space, serving as a versatile backdrop for everyday life. From its distinctive decorative panels to its versatile door configurations, Arial pushes the boundaries of the traditional boiserie and offers bespoke solutions tailored to each space's unique contours.

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From patented door hinges to fully electrified boiserie options, Arial is designed to evolve alongside modern lifestyles. Designed to accommodate spaces where thoughtful decoration is paramount, Arial offers limitless customization possibilities. The creation of Arial exemplifies Molteni&C's expertise in versatility, enhancing the beauty and magnificence of the home while prioritizing ease, comfort, and calm.

Formed with lightweight yet durable aluminum profiles in Iris and Pewter finishes, Arial's structure is available in oak essence, sunrise oak, coffee oak, and black oak. With a myriad of accent options, including matte and glossy lacquer and the luxurious Blend textile from the Gliss Master range, Arial ensures integration into any interior. Attention to detail extends to the skirting board and upper frame, offering three customizable solutions to meet the most specific requirements.


Studio Klass

Studio Klass is a design and consulting practice based in Milano. Established in 2009 by Marco Maturo and Alessio Roscini with an emphasis on industrial and furniture design, the studio involves an ongoing engagement with contemporary culture, new technologies and arts driving innovation.

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“Designing means linking abstract knowledge to everyday life.”

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