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The Molteni&C Heritage catalog celebrates the addition of the Continuum armchair into the 2024 Collection. Designed by Gio Ponti in 1963, this piece underscores the enduring alliance between Brianza's manufacturing companies, Molteni&C and Bonacina 1889, and the generations of pioneers from within the Italian design furniture sector. These companies are dedicated to preserving their distinctive artisanal skills and long held roots in the region. In the case of the Continuum, such craftsmanship is shown through the expert processing of rattan, a natural material intricately interwoven and curved at every step.

Design Gio Ponti

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The design of the Continuum armchair aims to materialize a continuous and sinuous brushstroke, inspired by organic forms, elegantly realized through the uninterrupted line flowing from headrest to armrest. The Continuum draws further inspiration from bergères designed in the early 1950s for hotels and cruise ships. Crafted entirely in Italy, the armchair utilizes first-class materials from the rattan family: manao and malacca sourced from the equatorial forests of Indonesia. The structure and backrest are shaped from manao cane by skilled artisans, and each piece demands over 200 hours of meticulous craftsmanship. The seat, crafted from canes with a smaller diameter, is affixed to the structure using special flat rattan cane.

Available in either rattan or analine rattan core in dark brown version, the Continuum features cushioning available in a diverse array of textile and leather finishes. Upon request, the Continuum can be enhanced with a cushion featuring polyurethane foam padding and removable cover.

With this project, Molteni&C reaffirms its commitment to preserving the legacy of Gio Ponti, in collaboration with the Gio Ponti Archives, guardians of the furniture's authenticity. Bonacina, a symbol of Italian excellence celebrating its 135th anniversary this year and renowned for its unique and eclectic style, will guarantee high-quality standards using raw materials and expert craftsmanship, in line with the sustainability policy embraced by both companies.


Gio Ponti

Giovanni “Gio” Ponti, (Milan, November 18, 1891 - Milan, September 16, 1979), is one of the Italian masters of architecture. He was also a designer and essayist and one of the most important of the twentieth century. Other than the great architectural works which carry his unmistakable signature, he created a vast amount of work in the furniture sector. This is demonstrated in his three Milanese houses which were fully furnished in the “Ponti” style. The houses in via Randaccio, 1925, Casa Laporte in via Brin, 1926 and the last in via Dezza, in 1957 is an "expression" of his home design ideas.

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Gio Ponti

“[...] The majority of the objects in our lives are created and characterised by industry [...]”

Gio Ponti


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