Molteni&C’s kitchen cabinets adapt to a wide variety of design needs. Classic columns and recessed units can be used both as a pantry and for the insertion of appliances. Shelves can be made in different finishes, such as glass, ceramic, slatted, eco-skin, or wood. The variety of innovative materials to choose from makes each element customizable. Tall heights, open shelving, and tops of different thicknesses engage with the slender and minimal structural technical elements, creating an elegant play of balance. The alternation of materials creates a proposal that is dynamic and sophisticated at the same time.

he doors of the modern kitchen cabinets in the Flair collection are another example of the great versatility of Molteni&C furniture elements.  They are available in three tempered glass variants: extra clear, smoked, and bronze. The interior shelves, on the other hand, can be finished in melamine, lacquer, wood or glass. Each combination can lead to an environment that combines practicality with elegance. Thanks to the various equipment and kitchen shelving options in the columns, space storage is fully utilized. 


Among the projects of R&D, or the Research and Development department of Molteni&C, are several modern kitchen cabinets. The Operating Column 2.0 is an open kitchen cabinet with an exclusive mechanism, to the point that it can be inserted transversally in all collections. It is considered the evolution of the operative column, an icon of the Molteni&C offer. The pantry cabinet is available in two compositions, and the rotating kitchen organizer features an incredible storage capacity thanks to the full use of the internal shelves. The open tall units are available in three modular widths and align in height with the tall units in the Dada collection. Molteni&C cabinet collection also includes the Pivot, which features doors with 175° opening and magnetic closure. 


Tall kitchen cabinets are elements that reinterpret contemporary design while solving the problem of vertical storage. Open operational columns have no mechanism or doors; niches can be created to give dynamism to the entire composition. 


Atelier columns bear the signature of Vincent Van Duysen and represent another element that can be inserted crosswise into all collections. Atelier kitchen cabinet shelves are designed to embellish the environment thanks to completely customizable niches, bringing the concept of bespoke realization to the kitchen world as well. The finishes of the backs, shelves, and drawers can be composed to create ever-changing aesthetic solutions. Vincent Van Duysen's kitchen column cabinets also include the VVD Glass Columns, which can be equipped with shelves in different finishes and adapted to all environments.


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