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The range of Operative Columns is enriched with new modularity and design solutions; in addition to the Operative Columns currently in the range, there will be an unusual solution with a depth of 61.7 cm for alignment with standard columns. It will feature the same mechanism and will take up 93.8 cm in width. Inside it is made up of the open base with wooden drawers and a pull-out stainless steel top. This modularity does not allow for the use of electric appliances, which, however, is still compatible with other dimensional solutions.

Design R&D

The Operative Column concept is also declined in the open version, so with neither mechanism nor door; functional and very scenographic niches can be created which, combined with the solid doors, make the whole composition more dynamic. The open Operative Columns come in 3 widths and are aligned in height with the storage columns of the Dada collection. They offer a practical top for small electrical appliances or tools, open drawers at the bottom and the top part fitted with shelves and back panels.


-Widths 812/956/1256 (inside 776/920/1220)
-Depth 61.7 cm in alignment with bases / standard columns
-Heights like Operative Column
-Open wooden drawers with vertical light that exalts the finish
-Available finishes: melamine, opaque lacquer, woods, hybrid lacquer, special metalized lacquer
-Top, provided in the finishes of the tops, for placing small electric appliances or used as worktop.
-The back panel can be fitted with sockets
-Wooden shelves 36mm thick with built-in lighting


-Nebula steel worktops like the doors. The tops are covered in a warm and refinedlooking metallic surface, available either in 2cm or in 6 cm thicknesses, and 3 or 5 cm for Intersection’s shaped tops. The Multitank sink soldered onto the top is proposed in the same finish.
-New wall units with the staved Ratio door and with hinged opening. The uniqueness of the staved wooden door remains unchanged, it gains in flexibility with the use of built-in hinges for a hinged opening.



Molteni&C’s Research & Development department is the heart of the company. The designers, engineers and craftspeople who make up this innovative team are not only tasked with bringing to life the designs of the prestigious architects with whom the brand collaborates.

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“Molteni&C’s R&D department has the benefit of decades of experience as the top of the line in kitchen and interior design. With this knowledge in hand, we're able to constantly experiment, pushing the conversation forward and bringing the client more intuitive solutions than ever before.”


Open Operative Columns

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