Mar 2021 · ANNA BATES ·  M MAGAZINE N°14

We catch up with Cypriot-born designer Michael Anastassiades at his studio in Camden, north London, to discuss the intricacies of his first product for Molteni&C, the Half a Square table.

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May 2022 · Francesca Molteni ·  online exclusive

Marta and Carlo move house and change their life and their town. A house that they designed themselves, inside and out, in every single detail, re-designed starting from a pre-existing home – that of a poet with a passion for Japan.

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Jun 2022 · Francesca Molteni ·  M MAGAZINE N°15
I am Carlo Stanga

The M Magazine explores Carlo Stanga’s sources of inspiration and works to create the 2022 magazine’s cover.

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The architect Edoarda De Ponti lives in a Milanese home designed by her grandfather, Ignazio Gardella. 

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Nov 2022 ·  online exclusive
Design Miami 2022 | Claudia Vieira

The artist Claudia Vieira describes her practice as being “one continuous line, starting in 2001 first on paper, then on the wall, to finally reach actual space.”

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Mar 2023 · Laura Chapman
Talking form and philosophy with Naoto Fukasawa

M Magazine catches up with Fukasawa to discuss how his philosophy plays out in these new pieces 

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Apr 2023 · Francesca Molteni
Yve Béhar's Big Idea

Yves Béhar is not only a designer. Above all, he does not design objects but solutions. 

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Sep 2023 · M Magazine ·  online exclusive
Objects as Companion Pieces

Which objects could you not bear to be without? Molteni&C's designers reveal the personal objects that serve as faithful companions in their homes and studios.

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Oct 2023 · Eleonora Raspi ·  online exclusive
Yoshimi Futamura: raw energy of sculpture

Beyond the art of ceramics: Japanese artist Yoshimi Futamura in conversation with KALPA Galleries’ founder Olga Niescier.

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