Mar 2018
Peter Hefti

Homes that open up, people who tell their stories. It’s real, offline life shared on social networks. Who are the cosmopolitan guests of the House of Molteni series of films?

Photographer Thomas De Bruyne, artists Yi Zhou and Doug Aitken, stylist Massimo Giorgetti, journalist Camille Bidault-Waddington, managers and entrepreneurs Laure H riard Dubreuil and Massimo Giorgetti, and the musician Erich Christian. They live in Ghent, Paris, New York, Milan and Los Angeles. They are trendsetters and metropolitan antennas. Sensitive and always connected, with aspirations and taste, and on a quest for all things beautiful and new. Their lifestyles invent synchronies and integration between ideas, cultures, styles, where the boundary between private life and public life merges into a single story. The master of ceremonies of these “incursions” into other people’s lives is the photographer Olivier Zahm, editor-in-chief and founder of the fashion magazine Purple. Zahm chose the protagonists and their dialogues with the Molteni world.
The interviews have several protagonists: the person, the home and the way of life, iconic Molteni&C objects and the city. We see through their eyes, with a special focus on places close to their hearts. It’s a privileged look at great trend-setting cities and how they influence lifestyles and contemporary culture.

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