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The ‘Corba’ rug stands out for its extremely original pattern, dictated by a figurative design that animates the project by playing harmoniously with lines featuring a strong geometric expressiveness.

Signés Marta Ferri

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With its elegant and sophisticated graphics, the Corba represents creativity and harmony without limits through the material used: the rug is 100% tencel, a vegetable yarn produced from wood pulp that is carefully harvested from responsibly managed forests.

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Marta Ferri

Marta Ferri was born in Milan on July, 21st 1984. The daughter of a photographer and an interior decorator, she learns to travel the world and grows up living on set with her father while she falls in love with colours, details and atmospheres through her mother.

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Marta Ferri

"Comme dans toutes les nouvelles choses, il y a l'émotion d'apprendre. Connaître de près le monde de Molteni&C, non seulement ses produits mais aussi les professionnels qui y travaillent, a inspiré le résultat final"

Marta Ferri


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