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M Magazine


M Magazine is a teenager, celebrating 15 years since it was re-born, vibrant, eager for new discoveries and encounters. In design, in architecture, in fashion, in culture in all its forms, both commercial and artistic.

A new lease of life for the Molteni Group’s magazine, making its debut online from May 11th. The editorial project, is now big, multimedial, digital, online, constantly connected with the world at large and with its physical and virtual networks.

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“M Magazine is a space for design and architecture lovers. A network of time zones, passions, memories and future projects”

M Magazine creates continual intersections between the past, present and strategic future of the Molteni Group’s brands – Molteni&C, Dada, UniFor and Citterio – enjoying cooperation with leading figures in international design and architecture. The online magazine is enriched with new content every month, organized according to topics and columns: people, product and interior design, the cities and places involved, historic archive documents, books and exhibitions round the world and even photographic portfolios.

Among the first videos published, the four-episode series featuring Marta Borromeo Ferri and her new house: a project for a new idea of “home”, but also for a different lifestyle, to be shared with her family in spaces furnished with Dada kitchens and Molteni&C furniture.

M Magazine is closely related to the paper magazine, which comes out once a year. If the online version is the place for current affairs and for faster and more multimedia communications, the paper magazine is one for reflection, with a careful and insightful selection, like a monograph, of the subjects that have characterized the life of the Molteni Group. Over the year, the online magazine will share articles and themes that have appeared in the paper version, also offering unpublished content or content narrated in another way, acting as the collector of communications around the Group.

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