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The Teorema project is the solid part of a void. It is the flip side of Grado°, the collection that explores the form of a void. It is the mould as design, the template transferred and shifted that becomes micro architecture, and exceeds all disciplinary boundaries.

Wallpaper* Design Award 2018 - Best twist action

Design Ron Gilad

2018 news

Ron Gilad turns the chest of drawers featuring rotating elements in space into a storage unit where containment and open glass parts are stacked to create a single solid with a densely faceted surface.

The drawers can be placed in axis or unusually offset at 20° to the rest of the unit. The finish, either Canaletto Walnut or Eucalyptus, is a perfect combination of the micrometrical precision of the mechanical machining and the craftsmanship involved in folding and gluing the structural elements.

A unit made of American walnut with open compartments or drawers used as a single unit or stacked in a linear or offset mode, to create night tables, chests of drawers or modular systems for the living area.


Ron Gilad

Ron Gilad was born in Tel Aviv in 1972. After a few years in New York, he lives and works in Tel Aviv and Milan. Ron Gilad’s hybrid objects combine a practical ingenuity with an aesthetic effect which and are placed on a boundary between the abstract and functional. When he was asked to collaborate with Molteni&C, Ron Gilad initially wondered if he should behave as a designer or just be himself in the most authentic way. He found his answer by creating a connection between his more abstract and artistic ideas and commercial industry mechanisms and converting them into ingenious design products.

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Ron Gilad

“As a creative person, I question my point of view endlessly with the hope of finding intriguing new angles”

Ron Gilad


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