A simple, unitary, linear design which, in 2018, is embellished with the new Frame Door. Frame made of titan aluminium and pewter, with a selection of quality finishes for the fronts. The top of the door is shaped to ensure an ergonomic grip.
The composition is completed with the new system of shelves with built-in VVD hood and with the new Hi-Line6 snack bar, with its solid light oak and black oak top, featuring bevelled corners and profiles, on a titan and pewter aluminium frame. Precious materials such as eucalyptus for the island base units, with pewter aluminum framed doors, and steel for the top with integrated sink and hob.

Design R&D

A compact, simple, and linear project. The Hi-Line 6 Frame Door, designed by the Dada Engineered R&D division, is far from the classic kitchen standards, adapting to numerous composition possibilities. For the 2023 Collection, three new finishing proposals are added to the precious materials already available in the catalogue: the 3D lacquer, which gives a wavy effect to the composition, the rays wood, and the ceramic.

Inox steel Multitank sink

The Multitank basin is a multifunctional washing station that meets the needs of those who passionately experience the kitchen as the heart of the home. Dimensions are even more generous for the 2023 Collection, increasing to 168 cm, and with a new set of accessories. The steel’s fold inside the tank creates three different levels, where we find the new functional worktops: a new drainer in black HPL, a drainer in black NPL, and an elegant chopping board in oak The kitchen experience now becomes even more functional.



Molteni&C’s Research & Development department is the heart of the company. The designers, engineers and craftspeople who make up this innovative team are not only tasked with bringing to life the designs of the prestigious architects with whom the brand collaborates.

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“Molteni&C’s R&D department has the benefit of decades of experience as the top of the line in kitchen and interior design. With this knowledge in hand, we're able to constantly experiment, pushing the conversation forward and bringing the client more intuitive solutions than ever before.”


Hi-Line 6 Frame Door

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