Kitchen Accessories

The kitchen is made up of specific spaces where activities can be concentrated. Kitchen accessories such as range hoods, sinks, trolleys, lighting systems, and eco kits are indispensable elements to keep the culinary space tidy. Kitchen countertops are customizable in the full range of Molteni&C materials. Pot and kitchen drawer accessories are available in walnut, black oak, and smoked oak. The materials used include special scratch-resistant finishes for long-lasting and safe use. New volumes, innovative materials, and customizable elements characterize Molteni&C’s kitchen furniture accessories collection and help transform the culinary space into an architectural concept.

Among Molteni&C's modern kitchen accessories is Vincent Van Duysen's Kitchen Box, designed to create additional storage space in the kitchen. It can be used crosswise on Indada, Prime, Hi-Line 6, Hi-Line 6 Frame Door and VVD models. The interior shelf can be made of glass, ceramic, slats, or wood and can be further enhanced by a soft LED light, which illuminates without any visible elements. Vincent Van Duysen also created the design of the VVD Trolley. The kitchen cart on wheels has an aluminum frame with a fixed top in maple planking, a fixed storage unit in essence, and two pull-out trays in different finishes.


Francesco Meda designed the new functional XY system, modular and flexible, where every kitchen accessory finds its place while remaining always within reach. 


Molteni&C's Research and Development Department (R&D) is composed of an innovative team of designers, engineers, and artisans capable of offering solutions that differ in content and aesthetics. The Eco Kit is modular and can include under-bowl drawers with storage units, full-height kit compositions for hinged doors and pull-out doors, or individual eco kits. The kitchen organization accessories strike the perfect balance between tidiness, cleanliness, and functionality.


Among the Molteni&C kitchen components and accessories designed by R&D are kitchen countertops. You can choose cantilevered operating tops, in which hobs or sinks can be inserted, for a result that focuses on proportions and volumes, creating elegant plays of light and shadow. The 015 lighting system is characterized by innovation, technology, and versatility. 


Cutlery trays are essential space-saving kitchen accessories for keeping the room tidy. Racks for drawers made of non-toxic ABS plastic are only available for pull-out drawers (not interior drawers). Modular walnut utensil holders are divided into trays, dividers, cutlery racks, jar racks, and knife racks to organize space inside drawers. 


Modular accessories in smoked oak include cutlery and utensil dividers, glass spice racks, black steel boxes and roll holders, wooden serving trays and knife holders, and bread cutters. The pots and pans have non-slip bottoms, wooden racks, adjustable plate racks, and black steel handles. All elements that compose the series of black oak cutlery racks and kitchen drawer accessories are made with a base of black paste MDF veneered with wood essences. The dividing elements are made of solid wood or anodized or painted aluminum. When choosing your kitchen accessories, you will have the option of built-in LED lights in the drawers and pots and pans. 


The bending of the steel inside the Multitank sink draws three different levels, where the three function tops slide: a Derlin cutting board, a food cleaning station, and a rinsing top. Dada range hoods complete the Molteni&C kitchen design by combining the aesthetic requirements of design with the best technical performance. All Dada hoods feature high suction capacity, adequate quietness for maximum comfort in the kitchen, and LED lighting.


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