Whether it is the center of the living area or a discreet seat that enhances the rest of the space, the armchair is an indispensable element to complete a modern yet elegant decor. The designer armchairs of the Molteni&C collections are complete with refined proportions, soft or bold shapes, and are crafted with meticulous attention and innovative materials. Our contemporary armchairs are capable of elegantly integrating into any living space and fitting casually into different rooms of the home. The covers used for the Molteni&C collection are the result of an extensive research and development process that led to our exclusive range. 

Harmony between functionality and aesthetic value, capable of satisfying the body and spirit, is the goal of all Molteni&C seating, including armchairs. They are suitable for every room in the home, alone, in pairs, or as a complement to a comfortable sofa in the living area.

Rodolfo Dordoni created several modern design armchair projects in collaboration with Molteni&C. The Chelsea armchair style strikes the perfect balance between contemporary furniture and more traditional models. The strength of the solid wood frame blends with the fluid line of the backrests, creating the union of ergonomics and elegance from which refined seats are born. Sutton, a small reading armchair with soft lines, was designed by Dordoni to accommodate the body in complete comfort. The back and armrests are created as a continuum that envelops the plush, upholstered seat. The Piccadilly design comes from the union of various intersecting surfaces, creating new and enveloping shapes with and without armrests. Kensington is an ideal living room armchair with enveloping lines and calibrated proportions suitable for relaxing or conversing in tranquility, once again bearing the hallmark of Rodolfo Dordoni.


Gio Ponti's signature style recurs in several Molteni&C armchairs. The name “Round D.154.5” comes from the rounded shape of the seat and backrests, called “soapbox.” Round D.154.5 is also referred to as “Eight Pieces” in the Ponti/ Fornaroli/ Rosselli study. In fact, there are eight pieces that compose it: a backrest, a seat, two curved plywood elements, and four legs that hold everything together.  Envisioned by Gio Ponti and produced for the Altamira company, the D.156.3 armchair is displayed in the company's showroom in New York. The design, which Molteni&C exclusively reissues, has a frame in solid canaletto walnut or semi-gloss black lacquer. The D.151.4 contemporary armchair features a wrap-around frame, comfortable armrests, and solid wooden legs with brass ferrules. The D.153.1 armchair, created in 1953, is part of the Molteni&C re-edition of the furnishings from Gio Ponti's private home in Milan. The fabric, designed by Ponti himself in 1934, reinterprets the centuries-old velvet technique, updating it with contemporary patterns. The D.154.2 armchair is like a cozy shell; it has a rigid polyurethane frame, a soft polyurethane counter-frame, and a cushion. It is upholstered in Molteni's range of fabrics, with the possibility of differentiating the components.


Vincent Van Duysen, a profound connoisseur of the history of modern design, envisioned Yoell: a contemporary redesign of the 1950s Latin American reading armchair. Featuring a sleek solid wood frame stained Black Ash, Eucalyptus, and Sunrise Oak, Yoell reflects, while profoundly renewing, the distinctive feature of the relaxation armchair. Yoell is offered with fabric, leather, or leather upholstery from the Molteni&C range. Also bearing Van Duysen's signature style is Walter, a small armchair with a frame made entirely of solid ashwood, stained black oak or eucalyptus, curated for a contemporary, welcomingl environment. The main use of the Gilles low armchair is not only in the hospitality field, but also in domestic settings as a complementary living room armchair flanked by sofas with a large presence. It has a classic all-wood frame, where the backrest also serves as an armrest. Elain, with its round and enveloping shapes, is a small armchair designed to fit into any environment thanks to its small size. It is dressed in precious fabrics or soft leathers. It remains a sophisticated small armchair, with a refined aesthetic language, that offers a welcoming feeling due to the padding of the seat and back.


Doda, by Ferruccio Laviani, is an interpretation of the classic bergère with a contemporary twist. A designer armchair with enveloping shapes and great comfort is characterized by a calibrated proportion between thicknesses and the combination of straight and curved lines. Mandrague, halfway between the classic bergère and the “pop art” armchairs of the 1960s, is a softly shaped seat envisioned by Laviani, intended to create an intimate space where one can isolate oneself from the outside world. 


Matteo Nunziati's Allure modern design armchair was born from an idea of balance and proportion among the elements that compose it. The result is a sinuous, dry, refined line characterized by thin thicknesses and strong lines. Allure's small dimensions and finishes are created both for home use and for furnishing common spaces in hotels, suites, or residences. Patricia Urquiola's Glove-Up represents the evolution of a futuristic theme, characterized by molded lines. A balance of forms flows from the fluid line of the backrest into the lightness of the legs, making Glove-Up a witty yet versatile armchair, suitable for either a classic or contemporary setting.


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