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A pinnacle of innovation, the Sincro sliding doors are a testament to the technical expertise and commitment to excellence of Molteni&C. Utilizing both mechanical precision and minimalist design, the Sincro doors integrate beautifully into residential and professional environments, blurring the line between contemporary living and working spaces.

Design Studio Klass

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Crafted with precision-engineered aluminum profiles and transparent glass panels, the Sincro door offers the perfect balance of strength and subtlety. Existing in complete suspension without floor guides, the weightlessness of the doors provides a graceful ease to their synchronous movement, while still ensuring stability and uniformity. The upper tracks that support the doors are available in two versions: ceiling track with fixed leaf or recessed track with fixed leaf or recessed compartment.

Seamlessly harmonizing with other distinctive materials used across the Molteni&C collections, elegant custom Sincro choices include sunrise oak and coffee oak for the door profile, and pewter and iris for the metal finishes. With its understated aesthetic and flawless functionality, Sincro sliding doors elevate any space with a touch of modern sophistication.


Studio Klass

Studio Klass is a design and consulting practice based in Milano. Established in 2009 by Marco Maturo and Alessio Roscini with an emphasis on industrial and furniture design, the studio involves an ongoing engagement with contemporary culture, new technologies and arts driving innovation.

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Studio Klass

“Designing means linking abstract knowledge to everyday life.”

Studio Klass


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