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The armchair, on the other hand, was designed for one of the projects closest to Gio Ponti’s heart, the villa of the Planchart collectors in Caracas (1953-57). It is part of the Gio Ponti Collection, which was curated by Molteni&C under the artistic direction of Studio Cerri & Associati.
The architecture reflected the ideas he had gathered during his trips to Latin America in 1952-53. Today the armchair, which is like a cosy shell, has a rigid polyurethane frame, a soft polyurethane counter-frame and a cushion, and is upholstered in the Molteni&C textile range, with the option of differentiating the three component parts. In 2016 this armchair won the prestigious Wallpaper Design Awards and became a Molteni&C icon.

Wallpaper Design Awards, 2016

Design Gio Ponti

“Villa Planchart in Caracas is the result of my experiences, following my travels in Latin America in 1953”

Gio Ponti

The Icon of Villa Planchart

The original D.154.2 at Villa Planchart, Caracas. From Domus, 1961 Courtesy @ Gio Ponti Archives The original D.154.2 at Villa Planchart, Caracas. From Domus, 1961 Courtesy @ Gio Ponti Archives

“I dedicated myself heart and soul to designing Villa Planchart, and in it I was at liberty to express my own approach to architecture, both outside and inside”

Gio Ponti, 1955


Gio Ponti

Giovanni “Gio” Ponti, (Milan, November 18, 1891 - Milan, September 16, 1979), is one of the Italian masters of architecture. He was also a designer and essayist and one of the most important of the twentieth century. Other than the great architectural works which carry his unmistakable signature, he created a vast amount of work in the furniture sector. This is demonstrated in his three Milanese houses which were fully furnished in the “Ponti” style. The houses in via Randaccio, 1925, Casa Laporte in via Brin, 1926 and the last in via Dezza, in 1957 is an "expression" of his home design ideas.

complete biography
Gio Ponti

“[...] The majority of the objects in our lives are created and characterised by industry [...]”

Gio Ponti


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Technical Details

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