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505 UP, a classic in Molteni&C’s range in the field of modular systems for the daytime area, is still evolving to satisfy new styles of contemporary living.

Design Nicola Gallizia

Nicola Gallizia proposes a new door enriched with a full-height handle that becomes a profile that embellishes the layout. The finishes include coffee oak and the exclusive 3D effect that can be customised in all the colours of the Molteni&C range.

The 505 Up System moves away from the classic bookcase function, expanding its solutions and turning into a modern furniture element for a contemporary living concept.

505 UP Harry’s bar, design Nicola Gallizia, updates an element that has always featured in living spaces: the mobile bar, at the height of fashion in the 1950s and 60s, which becomes central in current lifestyles, once again open to conviviality. 505UP Harry’s bar has been designed as a totally autonomous element, but totally included in suspension in the 505 system. Two large doors, box-shaped or glazed with a full 180° opening thanks to a concealed hinge, give access to the internal compartment, with fine wooden, ceramic or ecoskin covering, designed to house and conserve tools and bottles for any type of drink. From the glass rack, to shelves, compartments and drawers fitted with specific accessories, used for containing the tools of the “trade” such as shakers, dispensers, spoons, citrus squeezers, trays, bowls or decanters, as well as a large space in which to store valuable bottles.

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“Already full of functional solutions and responses to contemporary living, the 505 System is enriched with a new element that hides a bar cabinet. Perfectly integrated into the structure, Harry’s bar is a solution in line with the way of expressing conviviality in an elegant and modern key”

Nicola Gallizia

A top and a pull-out tray enable the barman to perform while preparing his own creations with everything he needs at hand and in full view, thanks to the ever-present Led lighting.

505 UP presents a TV holder back, featuring a panel available in veined wood

The 505 Up is tailored to users’ needs and goes beyond classic bookcase functions, expanding its solutions thanks to the introduction of Display, a new and original protruding cabinet that allows the grid of horizontal and vertical shelves to be moved with maximum compositional and stylistic versatility.

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New functions, more personal and contemporary, are applicable to the 505 Up. A corner bar, a personal piece of furniture designed for storing objects, enriched with bronzed mirror trays and backs or shelves covered in Ecoskin, combining aesthetic lightness and technological innovation.

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Design Solutions


Nicola Gallizia

Nicola Gallizia, who was born in Milan, studied at the Milan Polytechnic Architecture Faculty. From 1990 to 1999 he worked with Luca Meda as an assistant creating the image and product for Molteni&C and Dada. In 1999 worked as an image and product development consultant. In 2003 he became the artistic director of Molteni&C with a focus on new graphic projects, concept and product catalogues creation, stand designs for the main exhibitions, design and outfitting shops and events. He works as an image and product development consultant.

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Nicola Gallizia

“The image reveals the forms that curious eye craves.”

Nicola Gallizia

505 UP System

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