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Gio Ponti在1957年设计的D.157.6 DUE FOGLIE双人沙发,彰显了他在这一重要且创新时期的卓越成就。这段时期对于这位米兰大师来说既是产品设计领域的突破,也是建筑领域的巅峰,其中包括米兰Pirelli摩天大楼和委内瑞拉加拉加斯的Planchart别墅的建造。

由 设计 Gio Ponti


Our project began with an examination of materials and technical specifications to not only ensure faithful adherence to the original design but also to the enduring quality that characterizes all Molteni&C products. 

The distinctive silhouette of the D.157.6 loveseat, originally named Due Foglie due to its seamless curvilinear shape reminiscent of a pod and two elongated leaves, is supported by a delicate trestle structure with a metallic finish. The defining feature of the loveseat is undeniably the foam structure, specially shaped by two molds. Beyond its striking aesthetic, this feature offers a unique seating experience: spacious and comfortable for one, yet conducive to the intimate conversations or quiet moments of two. 

Allowing for the rare personalization of such a legendary piece, designer Marta Ferri has curated a wide selection of fabrics and leathers chosen specifically for both their visual appeal and performance abilities. Reviving the charm of a bygone era, the D.157.6 sofa exudes timeless elegance and transcends passing trends. The Gio Ponti archive, a wellspring of inspiration, continues to inform Molteni&C's style, blending historical values with a forward-looking perspective. As we celebrate our prestigious 90-year milestone, the D.157.6 sofa epitomizes a lifestyle that spans generations and continents. 

由 设计

Gio Ponti

Giovanni Ponti,昵称Gio(1891年11月18日出生于米兰,1979年9月16日逝世于米兰),被公认为意大利建筑艺术大师之一。Giovanni Ponti先生还是二十世纪最著名的设计师和散文家。诸多伟大的建筑艺术大作都强烈地凸显出其个人印记,而且他的设计作品也在装饰物行业也获得了极高的产量。作为上述特征最好证明的还包括他在米兰完全以“all Ponti”风格装修的三处房屋,包括1925年于Via Randaccio大街装修的一座,1926年在Via Brin大街的Casa Laporte以及1957年在Via Dezza大街作为其国内设计“宣言”的一座房屋

Gio Ponti


Gio Ponti

D.157.6 双叶


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